With…uh, Tim Burton, Johnny Depp and Alice.  That’s right….Burton, the darkly-humored American film director genius, has spun a 3-D version of Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, {opening at IMAX theater in downtown FLL at midnight Thursday March 5th to a sold out audience}, offering an interesting  twist on the classic tale of Alice and her trip down the rabbit-hole.

In Burton’s tale Alice is 19 now and revisits the enchanted land she tumbled into as a child, reunites with her old chums, The Chesire Cat, The Knave of Hearts and the Tweedles, Dum and Dee,and learns of her destiny which, in authentic Disney style,is to defeat the Red Queen and end her tyranny.  Johnny Depp (who has appeared in 8 of Burton’s films in his impressive career) plays the immensely maniacal Mad Hatter, Anne Hathaway stars as the White Queen, Helena Bonham Carter (Burton’s best girl since 2001 and mother of his 2 kids) plays the evil Red Queen, with newcomer Mia Wasikowska starring as the grown-up Alice.  An ecclectic cast including the likes of Crispin Glover and Alan Rickman, among others, round out this newest ‘scary tale’ by Burton.

Now, all you Chronic movie lovers out there know how to pre-game before a 3-D IMAX experience but before you light up, book your ticket early! The premier at midnight and all show times Friday are already sold out and you don’t need that kind of buzz kill from any smug ticket-taker punk as you find out at the window that you’re not getting in.  That 11 am showing Saturday morning still seems to have tickets available, though that’s a little early in the AM for a trip down Alice’s rabbit hole when you haven’t climbed out of your own yet from Friday night,  but for a Tim Burton/Johnny Depp collaboration in 3-D?  That’s a date I’ll keep!