Veltracon Lifestyle is South Florida’s best kept secret. If you want to enjoy your life with the finest toys, gadgets or events – just give us a call.

Veltracon defines the direction and speed of an object. They are devoted to keeping you moving forward at the pace you desire. Consider us your on demand luxury concierge service. Transportation is our specialty, your satisfaction is our goal.

Think of us as your personal assistant for coordinating travel and anything that goes along with it. If you have a personal assistant, tell them to give us a call and ensure piece of mind in all your journeys.

Catering to the discerning individual, we offer a variety of services waiting to be tailor fit to your lifestyle. On call 24/7, business or pleasure, we encourage our clients to be specific and direct. We understand that time is your most valuable asset. Contact us today to find out what it’s like to control your own velocity.

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