The dolphins played a home game on national TV on Thursday night. Well, there was a game played, but the Dolphins did not PLAY in it. They way in which they got it handed to them 16-0 is a very boring and uninspired game. Now I know that they had a 3rd string QB in, and thank God you even kept three QBs or it could have been worse.

I am not going to go into a long diatribe about how the Dolphins have let their fans down, again. But there are a few things that need to be mentioned here.

1 – The season is over. It was half over when you looked and saw that you were in the same division as the Patriots and Jets.

2 – Thursday night’s game has shown what has been going on for a while this season. The offensive line is hurt, not very deep, and is a problem that is killing the team. The Bears had six sacks and were swarming all night.

3 – All season Ronnie Brown and Ricky Williams have looked mediocre at best. This USED TO BE the Fins strongest quality. No more! They are 22nd in te NFL in rushing yards a game, not even getting to 100 yds. These two were studs. It is over, and if the Fins don’t dump these two for younger backs to build around, than there should be a boycott of the team.

4 – The receiving corps is a head scratcher. Davone Bess is a good slot guy. But that is the cap on him. Anthony Fasano looks like a good young TE. But some weeks he doesn’t get involved at all. Is it his fault, who knows. And then you have the headache, Brandon Marshall. There was soooo much excitement. He was gonna fill a spot that the FIns needed for a long time. Jokes on us! He has more 15 yd. unsportsmanlike penalties this season than touchdowns (1)! In the last three games he has a combined 11-105 and NO TD’s! Great Job!

4 – The defense is not as good as it used to be. Remember when you could not even think of running against the Dolphins. Those days are over. They are middle of the pack vs. the run and do not scare anybody anymore. You do have some building blocks with Cameron Wake, Karlos Dansby and Vontae, Davis though.

5- Special Teams…yeah…nuff said…a complete joke this year. With the exception of kicker, Dan Carpenter. He might be the team MVP this year.

6 – Finally there is the Quarterback position. Sparano had talked how Henne was the guy. Even as media, radio and the fans kept pushing for Chad Pennington, he went on record about how happy he was with Henne. That didn’t last too long. He pulled Henne a week ago for Chad saying that it was nothing against the status of Henne. It was like the football Gods were protecting Henne. Pennington went down for the season on like the second play. The problem was Henne went down in the same game with a knee injury. There is no timetable for his return. But what did the benching say about Henne’s future with the team.

If he was benched in hopes of saving a mediocre season, then how much faith can you possibly have in him for being your guy next season? To me, it sent Henne a pretty clear message. YOU ARE NOT THE GUY!

Another season down the tubes. And now Fins fans just get to hope the Jets don’t go far. But isn’t that what losers always do? Just hate on the other team because their team has already let them down.