A great day for PETA…a bad day for foot fetishists! Whatever side YOU were rooting for, this is a sad way for our tax dollars to be wasted.

The House on Monday voted to ban ‘crush videos’ that depict the abuse and killing of animals.

The measure would revive, with some changes, a 1999 law that was struck down by the Supreme Court last April on the grounds it was too broadly written and violated First Amendment free speech protections.

The legislation, which the House originally passed in July, would make it a crime to sell or distribute videos that violate bans on animal cruelty by showing animals being burned, drowned, suffocated or impaled. I think we can all agree that this is a bad thing. Did this need government votes, revotes and gridlock? I mean, come on!

The controversy!

There seems to be two sides of dementedness in the crush world. CRUSH (live invertebrates) Innocent enough. Sexy to some sickos.  Not really cruel. Sexy girl with sexy foot steps on yucky bug! Sometimes with high heels, sneakers, boots, or barefoot. I have yet to see a jellyfish crush video though…LOL. How crazy would that be?

And then you have HARD CRUSH (death of larger and more pain-susceptible animals (e.g. reptiles, birds, mammals) Hello! This is really sick. Are there fucking videos of people stepping on snakes and rabbits?!? What is going on in some people’s sick minds? You can’t even think of asking your spouse/BF-GF to act that fetish out for you. You have to spank it to videos of this insanity!

There are currently no known laws forbidding the crushing of live invertebrates. So, where do we cross the line? Is stepping on a beetle on camera going to be a crime?

The question of the legality of crush erotica and the actual practice of crushing depends on your region. There are a good handful of web sites peddling to this fetish all over the internet, making the control of their distribution pretty difficult.

Every state bans animal cruelty, but it has been difficult to apply those laws to crush videos because they often do not show faces, dates or locations. The legislation makes interstate sale of such videos a crime subject to fines and imprisonment.

Found at huffingtonpost.com