Yes…This is a true story! Only in Africa…LOL…and Snakes on a Plane got nothing on this!!!

It has now been confirmed that an effin crocodile…yes a crocodile (not a fuel shortage, which was the original thought) was the reason a Filair Czech L-410 Turbojet – flying from Kinshasa to Bandundu on August 25, 2010 was the reason the plane crashed killing 20 of the people on board!

Some dumb-ass smuggled the crocodile aboard using a sports bag from which the croc escaped.

According to the Sun Newspaper in Britain, the sole survivor of the crash in the Democratic Republic of the Congo said that the whole disaster was directly caused by the crocodile running all around in the cabin.

The British pilot, Chris Wilson, along with 19 others were killed when the plane flipped from being unbalanced. This seems to have happened when terrified passengers fleeing the reptile, scattered to the front of the small plane, causing it to crash into an empty house.

And if you can believe this, in a sign that there truly is no GOD, (at least in Africa) the crocodile survived the crash only to be killed by rescuers with a machete as they shifted through the debris.

The crash occurred only a few hundred meters from its destination.