What is this guy thinking? Fresh after the release of his nasty-ass c*ck shot, Kanye is going to appeal to a whole new crowd by performing at the 84th Annual 2010 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. I am really wondering why?

This parade, albeit a Thanksgiving Day institution, is boring as hell. The only fun part is hoping one of the giant floats crashes into a building (and that never happens). What is the point Kanye? Are you doing this for the kids? For the old farts that watch this show? Is this about repairing your strange career?

Either way, I think the move is corny, but it is newsworthy. Usually the performers consist of Disney stars and Broadway tap dancers. Good Luck, Kanye. With all of my ranting and bitching, I will be tuning in to see how this one goes.  So shame on me I guess.