Do you want to fly from New York to Mumbai in style? Then you may be in luck with this flight from Etihad. The airline offers the most expensive flight in the world, costing a cool $38,000 for a one-way ticket. For your money you get a 125 square-foot suite on the plane, which is bigger than the average New York City apartment. It only has 3 seats and 3 beds on board, so that passengers could feel the ulitmate comfort on this luxury private jet.

Don’t be so fast to throw away those old video games that are collecting dust in your closet or basement. A man in Texas bought a box of old video games at a yard sales for about $80 dollars. The box contained about 40 old video games for a multitude of different systems. It turned out to be an amazing investment. One of the games contained in the box was the ultra-rare ‘Stadium Events’ game. The game was released in 1987 and was worth $7,500. There are only 200 known copies of the game in the world.