World Extreme Cagefighting champ Mike Thomas Brown

We sat down recently with World Extreme Cagefighting (WEC) mixed martial arts champion Mike Thomas Brown, who, at 145 pounds, has 22-4 record. The Maine-native trains in Coconut Creek. He spoke with us about his career, the title he’s defending, and what the future might have in store, both for him and MMA.

BeachFront News: How’d you start at American Top Team [ATT]?

Mike Thomas Brown: I was training in the northeast, up in Massachusetts and Maine. I started fighting in a show down here called “The Absolute Fighting Championship.” It was a local show in Florida. I made some contacts, and met Ricardo Liborio [owner of ATT]. I asked him what I had to do to come down and train. He said “get a plane ticket,” and that was it.

SFLC: You recently won the WEC 145 pound title. What was it like winning that from Urijah Faber?

It was reaching the pinnacle of the sport for the little guys. If you’re 145 pounds, it’s the most prestigious title there is, so it was like finally reaching the top of the mountain after a long hard climb. Now I’m just trying to play king of the mountain, stay on top as long as I can, and try to get paid while I’m doing it.

SFLC: Your next opponent is Jose Aldo, an explosive striker. What do you think about him?

MTB: He’s a young, tough kid. He’s fast. It’s going to be a tough fight. It’s not going to be easy. All his fans think he’s going to crush me; all my fans think I’m going to crush him. So there’s only one way to find out, and that’s happening November 18th. We’ll go in there and battle it out.

SFLC: How’s the training going in preparation for the match?

MTB: Its good. I’m in good shape already, five weeks out. I could fight now if I had to. I’ve got no injuries, I’m healthy and ready to go.

SFLC: Have you worked out a strategy against Aldo?

MTB: I’ll do what I do every fight: try to hit him hard, and if it goes to the ground, try to be on top. Real simple, you know. Do what I do.

SFLC: It’s been reported that after this fight you’re going to fight at 155 pounds. Is there any truth to that?

MTB: I’ll fight 155, but I think right now there are a few other guys in line. I don’t know. If I get through Aldo, this [will be] a huge test for me. I’ll be happy with a “W” against him, and from there we’ll re-analyze the situation. I’ll go up to 155, though, for opportunity with the UFC, try and make some money, or bigger challenges. But Aldo’s no joke, and this is going to be a very tough fight to win.

SFLC: When you aren’t prepping for a fight and training hard, where can your fans run into you?

MTB: I don’t go out a ton, but sometimes I’ll go to Miami, sometimes I’ll go to the Hard Rock, or Blue Martini. I go to see the fights a lot at AllStars in Deerfield Beach. I live in West Boca so you’ll probably find me creeping around Publix or something. I don’t get out a lot. I’m here at the gym, and when I do go out, it’s once every couple of months.

SFLC: Parting thoughts?

MTB: I want to thank American Top Team for everything they’ve given me. And Tapout, Champion Nutrition, and Bushmaster Firearms. Check out my website,