It's also hard not getting dirty going under the train on the way to church.- Aretha Brown

From the how the f*ck did that happen file: It’s 66-year-old Aretha Brown! Aretha is a resident of Callahan, Florida, where she resides in a little white house by the railroad tracks, which is home to her and her nine cats. Next store in a similar house lives her extended family: brother Frank, sister-in-law Mae and their daughter. Until recently for the Browns (whose family purchased the homes nearly 30 years ago), everything was business as usual. That is until last November… Along with its seasonal changes, the fateful fall month also brought an unwanted caller: the railroad company CSX. The rail line decided to park a 40 car, fully connected train directly in front of their house! Now every time the 66-year-old Aretha (or any member of her family for that matter) tries to leave the house, they are forced to climb under the rail cars to get where there going and merely leave their property. CSX  has conveniently parked the rail cars directly between the Brown homes and nearby picket Street, which happens to be their only access to town. When asked why she doesn’t walk around instead of under the giant rail cars, Aretha says she has walked around the cars a couple of times, but there is a ton of garbage and debris in the way. Not to mention, it’s over a 400 yard hike. She says “honestly it’s just easier to go under the train cars.” Aretha is less than thrilled about her plight, and her situation forces her to cower and scurry beneath the cars just to get her mail!  Not only that, she says it’s extremely hard to get groceries, and due to the massive obstruction, the house is falling into disrepair. “I cant get the necessary work done because workers won’t go under the train,” Aretha vents. Furthermore, this senior citizen even injured herself trying to duck beneath the hulking heap of steel on one particular occasion. She says she hit her shoulder on the bottom of the train trying to get to her house, and “it hurt for several weeks.” She went on to say, “If you think it’s bad during the day, you should see it at night.” Back in January, Aretha’s sister-in-law Mae Hailey called CSX and asked them to move the cars, but the railroad refused. The frustration of dealing with the blockage and the hindrance of everything that is vital to their day-to-day life has taken its toll on the family. Hailey was pushed to her breaking point and has now even moved out of the house with her daughter to an apartment in town. When asked if they would sell the houses, the Browns said, “I really don’t think anyone would buy them”. *When contacted by the press, CSX said they plan on moving the cars and building a road so that the Browns don’t have to cross the railroad tracks anymore to reach Pickett Street.