So just think about that headline for a second. Have you been to Wal-Mart? It’s not exactly like shopping on Madison Avenue. People pretty much wear anything they want. You see women in their pajamas, you see men with mullets sporting tank tops and zebra pants. My favorite is when you see yellow smiley face underwear through the back of white linen pants, but two Oregon women want an apology from the retail giant because one of the women were wearing a bathing suit top with short shorts and got thrown out of the store. Now I’ve seen women sport this look and if it’s some hot young MILF your not gonna see Wal-Mart or Target or any other mass retailer asking them to leave,but Sandy McMillan and her sister kinda look like pro wrestlers and not the Trish Stratus types. So Wal-Mart asked them to leave on behalf of what they were wearing, but really they were discriminating against them because they were over weight and unattractive. If I were the McMillan sisters I would sue the pants off Wal-Mart. We posted a shot of Sandy McMillan and we also threw in some other shots of women shopping in similar outfits. You be the judge. We here at the Chronicle are big fans of great looking women but we don’t like when people judge other people on the way they look. For more on the story go to our friends at []