A woman in Helena Montana was letting her three dogs out before going to bed when she was attacked by a medium sized bear. The woman said two of her dogs began barking and then ran off, while the third dog (a 12 year old collie) stayed by her side. The bear startled by the barking, left a tree where he was eating fruit and charged onto the porch where it became entangled with the collie in a viscous fight. The woman then kicked the bear in the jaw and says she “felt like she connected pretty well.” The bear then focused its attention on the woman, who then tried to close the door on the animal. The Bear however managed to get its head and shoulder in the house. So then in a moment of desperation with the door pressed against the bear, the lady reached behind her and grabbed a 14 inch Zucchini she had just picked from the garden and bashed the bear over the head with it. Sending the bear retreating into the woods, having just been beat up with a vegetable.

Yet one more reason to have a garden – Kid Chronic