MacGruber, the comedic take on the old show MacGyver where a man uses everyday items to get himself out of trouble, stop criminals and overall save the day, had a movie a few years back. MacGruber is a play on MacGryver in that the man makes similar inventions but is actually entirely incompetent. MacGruber is a dumbman and was a very popular SNL skit before it was a movie. TMZcaught up with Will Forte, the man who plays MacGruber, and asked him of his thoughts on a MacGruber 2 film.

When asked about the rumors of a MacGruber 2 Will responded “Just because we are writing it doesn’t mean anybody will let us make it” in reference to the fact that Will and his team are writing script for the movie. When the reporter asked Will what kind of crimes does MacGruber like to fight, Will responded “injustice, he like fighting all the things related to injustice,” Will Forte said with tongue in cheek.