Horses, dogs, ostriches: competitive speed racers among Mother Nature’s most fast-footed. Ostrich, you say? Yes, of course. While nothing compares to the grandeur and history of the racehorse, the “race ostrich” is just as traditional in some far-reaching regions of the world.

Scattered across the globe, ostrich racing is as popular as the equine-based model is stateside. Its apparently an actual sport, and is taken very seriously. The sport of ostrich racing has its own equipment, and style for riding. Ostriches are mounted with specialized saddles, reigns, and bits for their adventurous jockeys. Atop the ostrich, riders hang on for dear life with legs sticking straight out before them.

A precarious tandem, the ostrich and her jockey race along dirt tracks at speeds reaching 40+ mph. At the end of each race, the stars of the show stick their heads in the sand to cool off.

What else can you race? Well reader, the world she is a strange and unusual lady, who offers many of her beloved creatures to the rabid throngs of humanoid sports enthusiasts. For example, real life races that actually exist on some level, somewhere, include:

  • Chickens
  • Hamsters
  • Bovine Cows
  • Cockroaches
  • Rabbits
  • Lizards
  • Buffalo
  • Snails
  • Sheep
  • Camels
  • Piglets
  • …pretty much name an animal and someone somewhere is racing it

Cockroach racing. No thank you, Sir. Stay away from me. Forever.

Hamsters. So, this one’s fuzzy, metaphorically… and literally. There are those who race hamsters. However, they put them behind the wheels of tiny toy cars. Probably in Australia.

Cow racing. Bovines can be guided to do certain things like to get milked, and to “eat your grass here, Bessie”. However, cows will not be trained to race.

Lizards. Small-scale. Dump lizards into center of ring. Winner reaches the edge first.

Snails. Snail racing is a competitive event that… well, likely sucks the life out of you.