Ok asshole…Very funny. Thanks a lot for the second coming of April Fools’ Day.. Haha.. I get it… You are one funny man…. I especially like the part where they tell you to call or go online now…….. Wow.  I would love to hear that convo….  “Excuse me, I was calling about the cami you guys are selling because I have perfect cleavage and I don’t like men looking at it.. Especially my boss who likes to hover over me whilst I work ..  It’s really creepy and I would love to just cut off his nut sack, but instead I think I will wear this handkerchief over my tits until he stops…”    “Ok, did you want that in white or crimson..?”

Holy freaking crap………..  Like ding ding ding..  Who ever the shit ball was that invented this needs to die…  NOW…….