"Well, I'm really just here for Sterger's supple ass Jim."

We all know the story when it comes to the National Football League’s most famous flip-flopper Brett Farve. Will he retire? Is he coming back? When are we going to see some glorious shots of his old man cock? Wait, what? That’s right football fans. It seems that a young lady that many of us are familiar with, (especially Kid Chronic), was recieving pics of The Gunslinger’s junk back when he was a member of the NY Jets.

Thanks to the folks over at Deadspin.com, this gem is finally coming to light. It appears that FSU’s most famous cowgirl and The Daily Line’s own Jenn Sterger is the one who has been on the receiving end of Brett Favre’s 40 year old dick pics. She’s been in Maxim, Playboy, Kid Chronic’s draws, written for Sports Illustrated, worked for the Jets as an in-house reporter and now has graphic pictures of Favre’s wrinkly little friend.

It seems that the old horn dog wanted a little young loving for himself during his brief stint in the Big Apple. Apparently it all started innocent enough, (it always does), between Favre and Sterger. Pervy Brett would leave sweet little voicemails just to say hey until one day Miss Sterger got a little more than she bargained for. Enter Brett Farve’s soggy old meat hammer. It appears that Brett let his childlike exuberance get the best of him once again. I don’t know about you, but when I’m looking to score a new piece of butt the first thing I usually do is start sending pics of my dong to them. It’s the only gentlemanly thing to do naturally. Well Favre didn’t just stop there, nope. It soon turned into full blown masturbation action shots. I can picture it now. After a tough day of not showing up to practice, Farve decided to set the mood. He sat down in his lazy boy and slowly unzipped his worn pair of Wranglers. After vigorously jacking it to the Outdoor channel Farve needed more than the just perfect kill on a five point buck to get his nut off. The image of a young Jenn Sterger in her FSU cowgirl hat entered his over excited, geriatric mind. Knowing that she would undoubtably appreciate a grown man pleasuring himself to her, Favre snapped the pic right before climax, sent it, and shot out a burst of dust.

The digital age is finally coming back to bite Brett Favre in the ass. With many athlete cock shots appearing these days who would have thought that Ol’ #4 would be one of them. Details are still developing on this story so stay tuned

. For all of you fags out there, pics could be surfacing soon. Keep your pants on South Florida.