So the cool thing to be every Halloween now is to dress up as something topical in the media. One of the most topical ideas is our favorite internets sensation, Antoine Dodson. And you don’t have to be black, ghetto or queer to do so. You can be Antoine and annoy everyone at the party with your “Hide Ya Kids…Hide Ya Wife” rendition all night long. Or at least until someone stuffs an apple with a razor blade in it into your mouth.

What makes this story interesting is that there appears to be an unauthorized Antoine Dodson Superhero Costume Kit being sold and Antoine is pissed. He already took to Facebook comparing the sheisters to the rapist that he gained his fame from. (Did they ever catch that rapist BTW?)

The one below is the Foogazi!

There does seem to be an authorized website selling Antoine costumes. Although I am not positive of this fact, it certainly appears to be official.