Former New York Congressman Anthony Weiner officially pulled out today with a press conference that was more like a circus act then a Congressional Resignation. Complete with a Howard Stern heckler, most in the media asked why not just release a statement rather than put yourself out there AGAIN in front of 40 TV cameras and 100 reporters. So the big question is, where does Weiner go from here? Larry Flint was the first to publicly offer the former Congressman a job today, but I can’t see Weiner lending his already over exposed persona to Flint’s pornographic empire. Like other disgraced politicians, I’m sure Weiner will go into seclusion for a good year and then make an attempt to come back and redeem himself. Some say Weiner should embrace his new status as a buffed up narcissist and run with it. With Weiner being a little old to be posing in his Calvin’s, I could easily see the former congressman as an underwear model for Jockey or Haines. Hey, Charlie Sheen has appeared in Haines commercials with Micheal Jordan and Weiner isn’t even close to being as big of a freak as the Vatican Assassin. Other politicians like Bob Dole have done Viagra commercials and Bob Dole wasn’t attached to a sex scandal. The most likely scenario will be Weiner landing a job with the same media that just cashed in on his indiscretions. He could be a great co-host for former New York Governor Elliot Spitzer’s new CNN show. CNN might have to move the show which currently airs at 8pm week nights to late night with the 2 tawdry former New York public servants, but with a title like “Weiner Spitzer” this could be the hottest hour in cable news.