The revenue of virtual and augmented reality technology in 2020 will reach staggering $120 billion. So what will the future of this industry look like? The question was addressed to Micio Kaku, the science and futurist and also physics professor at the University of New York, a name well known around the world.

According to Kaku, virtual reality is going to be a big thing. Virtual reality rooms will be part of every apartment; VR will be used at school to teach. Architects, astronauts, soldiers, contractors – all of them will be using virtual reality goggles in their profession. Architects and designers will use them to move things around virtually. Military personnel will use virtual reality to project the damage or plan operations. Professor Kaku shared that on one of the Science channel’s show he was put in the virtual room with the dinosaurs and he was able to put his head inside the Terex head, which you can’t do in 2 dimensions. Only 3 dimensional virtual reality equipment allows you to do that.

One of the downsides of that is that you may get motion sickness. What you see does not match what your body experiences so the brain experiences a motion sickness and you may feel nauseous.