With the twists, turns and upsets in this year’s Men’s NCAA tournament, college football should take notice. This is what college sports are all about: the suspense, great competition and a chance for the underdog to rise to the occasion on an all too unfamiliar national stage. For sports fans, small schools, and players who are overlooked by major institutions, this is a glorious time of year, so why not do the same for football we ask? While it is unrealistic to have a field of 64, a 12 team playoff is feasible. This is exactly what college football is lacking, a chance for a team to peak late, make a run and steal the National championship. It’s time for the competition committee to change the obvious flaws in the college football bowl championship system!!! This would not only leave no room for speculation and debate over the best teams but also allows future NFL stars a canvas in which to write their own fate. While I’m not the first or the last to DEMAND a playoff system in college football I doubt this year’s basketball tournament will change the minds of NCAA footballs brass. Therefore, enjoy the remainder of March Madness and great competition, the way it should be decided, with the winning team and not a computer generated point system choosing who has the right to be named champion!!!