Here in South Florida, a woman’s physique is everything.   You are judged based on exactly what you look like, and hardly what is really inside.  A woman’s hair, her body and obviously her chest are all basic “selling points” on yourself here in this sunny tropicana.

“Welcome to Miami!  Get big tits!  Win tons of friends and get lots of dates with guys who like you for what’s inside your brain!””

I am convinced I am the “last woman standing” in Miami, Florida without plastic surgery (more specifically, breasts).  Don’t get me wrong, when I first moved here I felt like an outcast.   I constantly found myself inferior to the parades of beautiful women with double d’s and exotic beauties with enhanced lips.  Even maniqins mocked me!!!  (Take a look for yourself)

Just another innocent stroll down Ocean Drive?  Not this time, Sara.

I’m not going to lie, I drank the Kool-Aid.   I thought about implants.  Eventually I decided against it, although in my online journey I found a ton of botched boob job photos.   So what happens when you don’t do your research, you get the discount surgery or maybe you went on one of those “surgery vacation trips” in Beautiful MEXICO CITY!?

Let’s take a look.

So let me ask you boys, would you still hit it if the girl you met tonight had boobs that looked like that?

Would ya..?