Well…they get fired!!

The Department of Education in New York City has fired three teachers in the last six months for inappropriate action with students on Facebook. Former Bronx teacher, Chadwin Reynolds, is said to have “friended” about six female students. The perv would add his comments to the students’ photos like, “This is sexy.” He also asked one girl for her phone number. The cornball even sent flowers, candy and a stuffed animal in a very weak attempt at landing a date with one of the students.

Reynolds sats that the case was thrown out and that the allegations are untrue. “It’s not true. The Board of Ed found that the claims were not valid.” However, the Board of Education confirmed that the social networking scandal was the reason he was fired.

A second teacher, from Long Island City, Queens, was fired for posting a picture of herself kissing a former student on her homepage. It later emerged that Laurie Hirsch, a 30-year-old former staffer at Bryant HS in Long Island City, had had sex with the student about ten times in her apartment. A probe by the Office of the Special Commissioner of Investigation revealed that the two had made contact via phone 2,700 times over a six-month period. Hirsch said that she had been suspended indefinitely for using her cell phone too much during school hours. She told the Post that it didn’t look like she was going to get her job back and that it was during this suspension that the relationship with her former student began (Cough…Bullshit). She also noted that the student was no longer attending the school when the relationship began.

As for now, it’s not clear if either Hirsch or Reynolds have had their teaching privileges revoked. A Manhattan substitute teacher by the name of Stephen D’Andrilli has been banned from subbing ever again for his behavior on Facebook. He is said to have “friended” several female students at Essex Street Academy and sent them inappropriate messages. D’Andrilli commented on one girl’s photo that her “boyfriend [didn’t] deserve a beautiful girl like you,” and messaged another girl to tell her she was pretty and that he had tried to visit her during one of her weekend classes. It was also reported that a fourth teacher, who has not been disciplined, was found to be giving extra credit to students who befriended him on Facebook.

Treez : Here we go…another new problem cuz of those damn Internets. Why can’t these stupid f’n teachers just make friends and congratulate Jenny on a great softball game, or tell Cindy how she got a 98% on the test. Instead, they have to turn it into a cyber-stalking scenario. How dumb are these people…I mean really?? Facebook is total evidence to all the stupid shit you are posting and sending. Get real..and smarten up. And for the moron who sent the flowers, candy and stuffed animal…wake up dude. Maybe the reason you don’t have a woman, forcing you into your Facebook tryst attempts, is BECAUSE of the stuffed animal and chocolates sh*t. It’s not 1955….step up your game!!