I was checking in on YouTube to show off ‘Sunny D and Rum’ and the classic ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ Lip-Sync by lovable redneck, and future internets MEME star, Chris Athey. Well, to my shock and horror, she has taken all of her 19 uploaded videos OFF of her YouTube account….POOF….They are gone!

I scoured the nets for an answer…a reason…an explanation as to why this happened…I got nothing and liked it.

It is a sad day when she pulls a Kurt Cobain on all of us and buckles because she can’t handle the internet fame. It seems like we will just have to cross our fingers and just hope u8a22 (YouTube ID) changes her mind and posts her vids again.

For now, we still have the Gregory Brothers Auto-Tuned Smash Hit for “Sunny D and Rum” to enjoy.