The perfect his-and-her costume for this year…I will almost bet my left arm, which doesnt work anyway, that everyone and their brother is going to be dressed as an Avatar. As long as the girls make it sexy, then I’m bout it bout it…  


This is the perfect dress up if you know you are going to do some drugs on Halloween. Going to a liquour/cocaine/orgy mixer this year? Perfect. You will fit right in as Lady Gaga.  


Running low on class? Maybe your ex-girlfriend had a recent Facebook photo go viral this year? Tell her how you feel by wearing this Camel Toe Workout costume with under-boob. Nothing says thanks for wearing tight clothes baby, like a get up like this.  


Drink a shit load of protein shakes with no results? Well, here is the perfect costume for you. Have wreck in this Situation costume. Show off the results from constant weeks of GTL: gym, tanning and laundry. Complete asshole attitude not included.  


I can only wish to see made cleavage this year on Halloween. Boston is kinda cold, so it’s mostly nurses uniforms and sexy cops for us out there, but if you are in the south, show off your crazy side with the Katy Perry, sexy Candyland stripper-whore costume. It’s sure to sweeten ’em up.  


Hide yo kids, hide yo wife. Here comes the biggest playa on the block. If you ain’t sporting this ensemble then I don’t know you. You’ll be snatchin’ everybody up out there.  


Ha. It’s Stewie Griffen. You unorginal sap. Don’t forget to set your alarm clock for your morning jog. Loser.  


Ahh. This costume can go one of two ways. If you are a hot, stuck-up bitch with huge tits, you are Jwoww. If you are short, fat and have a foopa, you’re Snookie. That’s the beauty of this costume.  


Ahh. One of my favorites. Nothing says I am a retard like the Bush Is Back / Lifegaurd uniform costume. I mean, if you really want to impress the ladies, show your appreciation for unshaven lower areas by sporting this onesy to the party. Maybe you can get your own bush viper wet later.  


Well, the economy is bad. So, if you are strapped for cash, just find some old things around the house and go with it. Orginality is what it is all about. You might even start a trend!