This is Josh aka “@TheBasedJew” Weiss. Let’s run down Week Four in the NFL.

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PACKERS 7 Bears…..Pack covers BIG TIME 35-14

Pack jumped out to a 21-0 lead before Bears stuck a TD up right at halftime

Pack have a ton of injuries and they lost more players in this game

Bears QB Glennon fumbled on 1st play on a strip sack which lead to the GB TD 3 plays later

Ty Montgomery went down and back up Aaron Jones had a team high 49 yds rushing

A Rodgers had 4 TDS even though his yards were not so great

Bears had 4 TURNOVERS…2 INTs by Glennon and 2 fumbles lost

In My Opinion : The Bears were never in this game. The running game isn’t what it was last season. Glennon has not taken any steps forward. This season is lost for them. Green Bay just churns along with a below mediocre running game and injuries galore. Especially on the offensive line. The Pack has every reason to contend in the division, but the Vikes and Lions are stingier than in previous years. It will be a dog fight. RECORDS: PACKERS 3-1…..BEARS 1-3

Saints 4 Dolphins…..Saints cover with a SHUTOUT in London 20-0

First half was absolute garbage for both teams…Saints added a FG to end the half

Fins 1-8 on 3rd down

Fins did not even break 200 yds total (186 yds)

Saints had 4 sacks of Cutler

Both teams fumbled twice but neither turned it over

Fins had 11 penalties

Cutler had another dink N dunk game with 164 yds on 28 attempts…terrible

Brees had a decent 268 yds with 2 TDs and 0 INTs

A Peterson had 4 yds on 4 carries

M Ingram is getting the lions share now with 14 carries but can’t get off with only 45 yds

A ton of check-downs by Brees to new young RB A Kamara who had 10 catches for 71 yds and a TD

J Ajayi is having a very mediocre season. He had 12 carries for 46 yds….uggghhhh

In My Opinion : The Saints have a little fight in them. They are not a talented team. They have a muddled backfield. No real talent at WR, but they do have Brees so they stay in it. The Fins on the other hand are in trouble. The running game is waaaay down. They can’t move the ball down field. Didn’t this team pick up J. Thomas at TE? Does he even have a catch? RECORDS: FINS 1-2…..SAINTS 2-2


FALCONS 8 Bills…..Buffalo pulls off major road upset 23-17

Good back and forth half with Atlanta scoring at the half to retake the lead 10-7

Bills started 2nd half with a huge defensive TD to take the lead, the only TD in the 3rd quarter

Game was tied 17-17 with 7 minutes left in the 4th quarter. Buffalo’s S Hauschka kicked TWO 50+ yd FGs to take the lead and win the game.

Atlanta had 100 more total yds and 10 more 1st downs

Matt Ryan threw 2 INTS which was the difference in the game

Bills deep red zone stance to hold off Falcons at 10 yd line to hold on to win

Bills set a team record for consecutive quarters without a turnover (15)

In My Opinion : This was a very good game with two talented teams. Buffalo showed they are for real with this road win. The Bills defense will continue to keep them in games throughout the year. Atlanta has to feel like they have a few questions to answer about their dominance. It didn’t hurt that Buffalo’s kicker made TWO 50+ yd FGs. Watch out, people. Buffalo is gonna be there all year like I have been stating all season. RECORDS:  BILLS 3-1…..FALCONS 3-1

Steelers 3 ½ RAVENS…..Steelers maul Balty on the road and cover 26-9

Pitt starts game with a 10:30 84-yd drive…that ended in a FG…LOL

Pitt lead 19-0 at half

Both QBs(Flacco & Big Ben) looked bad in this game

Flacco 235 yds on 49 pass attempts..2 INT..and sacked 4x

L Bell had a monster with a huge 35 carries for 144 yds and also 2 TDs

Pitt had a very nice 173 yds rushing in the game

Baltimore had 3 fumbles..lost 1

Baltimore continues to have the 32nd ranked offense in NFL

In My Opinion : This is what should have been the score based on how these teams have been playing. Balt is terrible. Who knew Flacco was on pace for his worst season to date? They have no running game to speak of, and Flacco is just not having success this year. Maybe it is the injury healing, maybe not. Pitt ran the ball well but for a team that became a throwing monster for the last 7 years, (kinda why A Brown is the top WR….was the top WR in football) they really haven’t had any big throwing performances. RECORDS: STEELERS 3-1…..RAVENS 2-2

Bengals 3 BROWNS…..Bengals Finally Find Offense and crush 31-7

Bengals lead 21-0 at half

Biggest play was G Bernard 61 yd TD reception

Cleveland did add their junk TD in final 2 min of the game

A Dalton had his best game so far…4 TD 0 INT and 286 yds on 25-30 passing

D Kizer the Browns rookie QB had another bad game…16/34 0 TD 1 INT and only 118 yds

J Mixon with another subpar game 17 carries for 29 yds

G Bernard underused again with 3 carries for 12 yds

Cincy had 3 fumbles..1 lost

A Dalton only one incomplete pass in the first half

Cleveland falls to 1-19 under Hue Jackson..while being the only team in the NFL to NEVER LEAD at any point of any game this season thru 4 games

In My Opinion : The Bengals are trying to get right. They may look good against the low Browns, but nobody should be getting too excited. The Browns are garbage. I just don’t get what CIncy is doing with their backfield. Bernard gets no carries. Hill gets no carries and Mixon looks ehhh at best. Nobody going anywhere from these teams. Bench Kizer already. RECORDS: BENGALS 1-3…..BROWNS 0-4

COWBOYS 5 Rams…..Rams with a BIG UPSET on the Road 35-30

Excellent game that went back and forth and was very exciting!

Very even game statistically

After 3-3 1st quar…34 pts scored in 2nd quar (21-13 Dallas) of which E Eliott had 2 TDs

In 3rd quar Rams took lead 26-24 with big Gurley 53yd TD reception from J Goff

Dallas had a chance to tie in 4th quar but did not make 2 pt conversion

Both QBs were solid throwing in the 250 yds range…J Goff 2 TD / 0 INT…D Prescott 3 TD / 1 INT

G Zuerlein had SEVEN FGs

T Gurley had 121 yds rushing

In My Opinion : I liked the Rams in this game with the points. The outright win should not seem all that shocking. Something is wrong with Dallas and consistency is not showing. They don’t seem to be making big plays and are giving up points too. The Rams are now a player in the league. The league is filled with mediocrity and the Rams have taken a big step forward. They have gone from feisty thorn in the side to a contender in the NFC. I expect more from them this year in the way of this. They are exciting and can score points against anyone. Go Rams!! RECORDS: RAMS 3-1…..COWBOYS

Titans 2 ½ TEXANS…..Texans throw up 57 points and merk Tennessee 57-14

30-14 at the half in favor of Houston. Houston scored with runs and passes

Tennessee’s 2 TDs came off of M Mariota runs

Texans scored another 27 pts. in the 2nd half including a pick 6 INT

M Mariota was garbage 6/10 96 yds 0 TDs and 2 INTs

D Watson was a stud and continues to be a ROY frontrunner 283 yds 4TD pass / 1 TD rush / 0 INT

Watson is the first rookie to do this (4TD + 1 TD rush) since Fran Tarkenton in 1961

D Hopkins 10-107 1 TD

Texans had a whopping 33-9 advantage in 1st downs

Texans out yarded Titans 445 to 195

Titans had 4 INTs…2 Mariota and 2 M Cassel after Mariota got hurt and came out the game

Texans are first team to score 50+ points since 2015

Texans picked Mariota off on the 3rd play of the game…setting the tone

In My Opinion : Tennessee is not much without Mariota, so that is a problem. When the Titans can’t run the ball, more than likely, they aren’t going to win the game. They didn’t run well this week obviously. The Texans on the other hand are on a serious upswing and it’s all about D Watson. What a player he is becoming. He is fun to watch and making the Texans an exciting team. He had a monster game against a team that had a good defense coming into this game. This was not a cupcake that he lit up. Keep your eyes on this guy!!! RECORDS: TITANS 2-2…..TEXANS 2-2

VIKINGS 2 ½ Lions…..Lions get the road win 14-7 in division game

Boring game with Vikings leading 7-3 at half

Lions shut out in the 2nd half

Both QBs were mediocre…Both had 0 TDs and 0 INTs and both had 200 yds

D Cook looked very good again, but got injured badly and is now out for the year

Vikings had 6 sacks in the game

Vikings lost a close game and 3 fumbles (all lost)

Lions showed tough defense again…lead the NFL with a +9 TO ratio

Lions still struggle with the run even though it has been a little better…No 100 yd rusher in 4 years

In My Opinion : This was a tough division struggle. Close game and the defenses clearly shined. After this game, these teams are now tied record wise and chasing Green Bay for the top spot. The Vikings struggle without S Bradford. Dropping home division games is never good for the tie breakers, so the Vikings really let this one slip. Lions have continued to be a tough team and the defense is gonna keep them alive all season. RECORDS: LIONS 3-1…..VIKINGS 2-2

PATRIOTS 9 Panthers….Panthers surprise and win outright 33-30

An excellent game that went back and forth all night

Traded FGs in the 1st quar

Traded TDs in the 2nd quar

At the end of the half Carolina scored a TD with :26 left in half, but left enough time and made some mistakes and left NE time and field position to nail a 58yd FG to end the half to pull within a point

Carolina scored the only TD in the 3rd quar

Game was tied in the 4th and Carolina scored a FG with no time left to win the game

Both QBs had great games…each had 300yds (Cam 3 TD + 1 Rush & 1 INT…Brady 2 TD/ 0 INT)

Pats were 2-2 on 4th downs

Panthers were nearly perfect only punting once and only one penalty

Patriots had NFL worst defense in total yards given and points given up

Pats have 4 straight games where defense gave up 300+ yards

In My Opinion : The Panthers are definitely for real. If their offense gets going like this, they are gonna be a serious contender. The defense is solid, even if they didn’t totally play well in this game. It is Tom Brady and NE, so some slack is cut. The New England defense is truly terrible. It will be worth watching to see if the bad defense keeps them from Super Bowl contention. RECORDS: PANTHERS 3-1…..PATRIOTS 2-2

Jags 4 JETS…..Jets win outright on the road 23-20 in OT

Very even game stat wise and on the field

10-10 at the half

Jets B Powell had a 75yd run for a TD in 1st half

Jets shutout Jags in 3rd quar 10-0 with a big run from backup RB E McGuire for 69 yds

Jags shutout Jets in 4th quar 10-0 to tie the game and send to overtime…doing so not on offense, but with an 81yd fumble return for a TD

Jets hit a 41yd FG to win with no time left in OT

Both QBs terrible..Bortles 20 incompletes 15/35 140yds 1 TD /  1 INT…McCown 224yds 0 TD / 1 INT

B Powell had a huge 21-163yds 1 TD

Jets had almost 500 yds in offense (471)

Jags had 5 sacks

Jets had 10 penalties

In My Opinion : It is very hard to figure these two teams out. The Jags are up one week and surprise everyone in the world. The next week they drop a game they probably should have won. The Jets with this win, show that while they may not be playoff bound (and they are not) they can beat lower quality teams. I feel the Jets have no talent, but they are making it tough. I think a lot of people are surprised by the Jets so far.

CARDS 6 ½ 49ers…..Cards win with only TD in OT 18-15

Very even game…no scoring though

6-6 at the half…all FGs

No TDs scored in the whole regulation of the game

In OT San Fran scored a FG on the first possession…Arizona answered with a L Fitzgerald TD to win the game

B Hoyer was below mediocre 24-49 243yds 1 INT

C Palmer was OK…but 51 attempts lead to 357 1 TD 1 INT

San Fran had 6 sacks on defense

Tons of penalties in the game (San Fran 13 Arizona 10)

Nine FGs kicked in the game total

In My Opinion : Personally, neither team is exciting. The difference is, is that the Cards were expected to be better than they are performing, while we know San Fran isn’t anything special. They are a thorn though. Somehow C Palmer and the Cards threw their way to a squeaky win. Don’t get too excited. Both of these teams will not be in the playoffs…PLAYOFFS?!!?!?!? RECORDS: CARDS 2-3…..49ERS 0-5

CHARGERS 2 Eagles…..Eagles stay hot and win on the road 26-24

Philly jumped out to a 10-0 lead and held on to a 16-10 halftime lead

Philly handled LA the whole game…looks closer in score due to junk LA TD halfway through 4th quar

Rivers had a big 75yd TD to T Williams

M Gordon having a bad year and it continued today 10-22

J Elliott had 4 FG for Philly including a 53yd FG

C Wentz was ehh having 242yds with 1 TD and 0 INT

L Blount finally gets the ball and has 16-135yds helping Philly total 214 yds rushing

LA / SD has lost 9 games straight going back to last year.

Each team had 9 penalties

Eagles ended game with a 13 play 6:44 drive

Two LA WRs had big games (K Allen 5-138 & T Williams 5-115 1 TD)

In My Opinion : Philly is hot and why not? They have the weapons and they did beat a team that they are clearly better then. LA plays everybody tough, but they just cannot win a game. They definitely can’t run the ball and that is sad cuz everyone was high for some reason on M Gordon. He has been a letdown. C Wentz is now a top 5 QB this far into the season. They just gotta get more carries for L Blount. He has shown no let up and still seems to have big play breakaway ability for a big dude. Personally I love him and think he needs the ball more. RECORDS : EAGLES 3-1…..CHARGERS 0-4

BUCS 2 ½ Giants…..Bucs win but miss the cover 25-23

Very close game that went back n forth

TB jumped out to a 13-0 lead and held on to a 16-10 lead at halftime

Giants had a 23-22 lead in the 4th quar only to have TB win with no time kicking a 20 yd FG

E Manning had 49 attempts for under 300yds (288) 2TDs and 0 INT

J Winston had a nice 332yds with 3TDs and 0 INTs

O Beckham Jr had 90 yds on 15 targets

TB was 3-11 on 3rd downs

Very even game statistically

In My Opinion : I said the Giants were garbage all year. They are showing they are even worse than I thought. No running game at all and a weak WR corp. They are done. Now, TB is another story. They’re another one of those teams you just can’t figure out who is going to show up. There’s a lot of talent here. Keep your eye on TB. They will be a playoff contender for sure. RECORDS: GIANTS 0-4…..BUCS 2-1

BRONCOS 3 ½ Raiders…..Broncos cover and win a BIG division game 16-10

Denver jumped out to a 10-0 lead and held a 10-7 lead at half

Only FGs for the rest of the game for both teams

Denver never trailed in game

QBs were terrible in the game…D Carr 10/18 143yds 1TD & T Siemian 16/26 179yds 1TD

CJ Anderson had 20-95yds

D Carr got hurt and E Manuel entered and played OK but he did throw an INT at the Denver 8yd line at the end of the game which sealed the Denver win

Oakland 2-12 on 3rd down and 0-3 on 4th down

Ground game difference (Denver 143yds…Oakland 24yds)

M Lynch terrible game 9-12yds

A Cooper terrible game 2-9yds

D Thomas on Denver terrible game 1-11yds

Denver has now stuffed (shutdown) the following backs : M Lynch, M Gordon, E Eliott, L McCoy

In My Opinion : The Raiders are in trouble. Now D Carr is hurt again with back issues. He is developing a pin cushion sort of identity in the NFL and with fans. But it is bigger than just the injury, the Raiders may have a split due to the kneeling issues and the offensive line’s animosity toward Carr over not taking a knee. Denver is doing what Denver does. Great defense. Run the ball and make no mistakes. It lead to another win, and this time it was a PRIZED division win. BRONCOS 3-1…..RAIDERS 2-2

SEAHAWKS 12 ½ Colts…..Seahawks destroy the lowly Colts and cover BIG TIME 46-18

Indy actually lead 15-10 at the half

Seattle’s only TD in 1st half was an INT return for TD

In 3rd quar Seattle outscored Indy 22-3 including another defensive fumble return fumble TD

Seattle added 2 TDs in the 4th quar for a full route

R Wilson had 295 yds with 2TDs and 2 INTs

Seattle dominated on 3rd down going 10-15 on 3rd

Seattle had almost 500 yds of total offense (477)

Each team had 3 sacks

RB C Carson for Seattle got hurt pretty bad and came out of the game

In My Opinion : The Colts looked OK for a couple of games and then ran into an under achieving Seattle team. The line showed that America was still on the Seattle bandwagon and they more than covered having the best game offensively they have had all season. The Colts have a shot in their division only due to absolutely weak it is. Seahawks will be interesting to watch in terms where they go from here. I’m not sold yet. RECORDS: SEAHAWKS 2-2…..COLTS 1-3

CHIEFS 7 Redskins…..Chiefs backdoor cover on fluke play, but win a close game 29-20

Skins jumped out to a 10-0 lead scoring the 1st TD minutes into the game on a 44yd T Pryor TD for 44yds on the opening drive

17-17 score going into the 4th quarter

Chiefs took a lead with what seemed like the game winning FG to take a 23-20 lead

Skins fumbled on the final play of the drive hot potatoing the ball around to keep the game alive, and the Chiefs got a turnover on the play and scored a TD

K Cousins had 220yds 2 TD 0 INT

A Smith 293yds 1TD 0 INT

K Hunt had another 100yd game rushing (101)

T Kelce had 7-111 and 1 TD

Washington had no running game in this one which was odd because they have run well all year long

A Smith ran the ball well too going 7-56yds and a TD

KC had 29 1st downs and went 8-13 on 3rd down

KC had almost double the time of position

Skins had 4 sacks on D

5 fumbles in the game ( Wash had 3 and lost one…KC had 2 and lost 0)

In My Opinion : The Chiefs did it again. They are more than likely the best team in football. They have the best big play ability. And this year A Smith is going nuts, so the sky is the limit. He has never looked better. I am riding the Chiefs till the wheels fall off. The Skins are tough and they did not lay down here. They just got outclassed by a better team. The game wasn’t as close as the score shows.