This is Josh aka “@TheBasedJew” Weiss. Let’s run down Week Three in the NFL.

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RAMS 3 49ers…..Rams win 41-39 but miss covering

  • Tons of scoring and a lot of big plays were made…very fun game to watch
  • J. Goff had a monster with 3 TDs and 22-28 for 292
  • T. Gurley had a huge 28 carries (rare in NFL now) and 2 TDs
  • The two WRs that the Rams sniped from Buffalo (Sammy Watkins & Robert Woods) had big games…both had 6 catches for 100+…Watkins had 2 TDs
  • B Hoyer had a big day too with 300+ and 2 TDs
  • C Hyde ran well getting 25 carries (a ton in this NFL) for 84 yds and 2 TDs

In My Opinion : This was a great game to watch. Very fun. It is clear that the Rams are a better team. But it was nice to see some fight in San Fransisco. Watch the Rams this year. They will continue to be a thorn in many teams sides. Defense may not be top notch, but offense looks great.

Ravens 3 Jags…..Jags destroy Ravens 44-7 in London

  • Flacco garbage line 8-18 28 yds and 2 INTs
  • Bortles had the rare monster 4 TD game
  • J. Maclin only 1-8 yds and M Wallace only 1-6 yds
  • Jax had double the first downs
  • Jax 410 yds to Balt 186 yds
  • 19 total penalties in the game (10 Baltimore 9 Jacksonville)

In My Opinion : This is a game and two teams that are just impossible to figure out. Neither are that good. Neither are that bad. The Ravens and Flacco look like shit. Bortles peeked his head out and had a rare good game.Don’t get too excited about either team.

Broncos 3 BILLS…..Bills upset 26-16 as Home dogs

  • Game was close but T Siemian’s 2 INTs and 0 Tds didn’t help Dever’s cause
  • T Taylor had an efficient 20-26 for 213 and 2 TDs 0 INTs
  • Game tied at half…2nd half all Buffalo
  • Bills D has played very well this season. They beat a team that many thought would win.

In My Opinion : Buffalo is the real deal. Tight defense and efficient offense. The running game has slid a bit since week one, but this was a major upset. This could be a tie breaker game down the road for a playoff spot in the AFC if either of these teams don’t win their division.

PANTHERS 5 Saints…..Saints win and cover in big upset 34-13 

  • D Brees had an efficient 22-29 and had 3 TDs
  • C Newton had a terrible day going 17-26 for 167 yds and 3 INTs
  • C McCaffrey has proven that he can’t run the ball but is a checkdown magnet with 10 catches
  • Both teams played a clean game ; only one penalty a piece

In My Opinion : Personally, I am not excited by either team. The Saints have no real defense and don’t seem to be able to get M Ingram Or A Peterson going in any way. The Panthers are up and down and you just don’t know what you’re gonna get on any given Sunday from them. 

Steelers 7 BEARS…..Bears upset 23-17 as Home Dogs in overtime

  • Big Ben solid as usual…hit A Brown for 10 rcpts for 100yds
  • J Howard had a workload 23 carries for a huge 140 yds and 2 TDs
  • Lopsided rushing stats highlight the game 222-70 yds for the Bears
  • Even though they won somehow, Chicago had 10 penalties and 5 fumbles
  • Only one fumble of the five Chicago had was a turnover

In My Opinion : This was a total surprise. Just when the Steelers look like they will be a force, they drop a game they should have won. Tip your hat to Chicago for being feisty. They stole a win here.

Falcons 3 LIONS…..Falcons win and barely cover 30-26

  • Lions tough defense all year long. Forced M Ryan into 3 INTs
  • D Freeman had 21 carries as a workhorse back…he had 106 yds as well
  • Atlanta outgained and outplayed Detroit…the 3 INTs M Ryan threw were the difference including a PICK 6 TD

In My Opinion : Both teams have legit playoff aspirations. The Lions are gonna surprise teams all year. Here, their defense won the game for them, even having given up 26 pts.

Browns 1 COLTS…..Colts win as Home Dogs 31-28

  • D Kizer continues to kill the Browns, this time with 3 INTs vs. Colts
  • Cleveland doesn’t seem to run D Johnson, but throw a ton of check downs to him as he lead Clev in receiving this week
  • J Brissett coming together vs a weak D…250 yds and 1 TD
  • Game was fairly close in stats…the 3 INTs were the difference
  • Both teams heavily penalized. 21 flags (10 clev 11 indy)

In My Opinion : A game with two bad teams. Somebody has to win. Brissett looked pretty OK vs a bad Browns D. Neither team is going anywhere this year. Just NFL filler.

Bucs 1 VIKINGS…..Vikes kick ass 34-17

  • C Keenum explodes for 369 yds and 3 TDS…zero INTs
  • Tampa Bay D collapses after a super impressive Week 2
  • Rookie D Cook had a slew of carries (27) for 97 yds and had 5-72 receiving as well
  • S Diggs had a monster 8 catches for 173 yds and 2 TDs
  • J Winston had 2 TDs and 320+ yds…however he threw 3 INTs
  • One way to lose is that Tampa went 1-6 on 3rd down
  • 2 fumbles (zero lost)  for Tampa with 3 INTs thrown

In My Opinion : This was a trap game for sure. Keenum looked terrible the weak before. He comes to play a Tampa D that went bananas the week before. What does he do? He goes ape shit on the Tampa Defense of course.

PATRIOTS 13 1/2 Texans…..Pats squeak by 36-33

  • Texans stay in game surprisingly with a great performance by D Watson who had 300+ yds passing with 2 TDs
  • T Brady continues another possible MVP season with 378 yds and 5 TDs
  • Pats had 4 fumbles (lost one) and sacked 5 times…this kept Houston in the game
  • Stats in the game were pretty fairly even

In My Opinion : D Watson is on the come up. He is starting to get his stride with more playing time. The Pats D is terrible and will give up points and yards all year long.

Dolphins 5 1/2 JETS…..Jets win outright as Home Dogs 20-6

  • More dink and dunk from J Cutler…44 attempts for only 220 yds
  • J Ajayi had a terrible game with only 16 yds on a terrible 11 carries
  • J McCown a very efficient 18-23 for 249 yds
  • Jets up 10-0 at half and never looked back…Miami added a garbage TD at the end of the game with time expiring
  • Miami was an abysmal 1-12 on 3rd down
  • Jets fumbled three times (lost one) and still won game
  • Another sloppy NFL game – 18 flags (8 Miami and 10 Jets)

In My Opinion : The fins are in trouble. Cutler is not gonna fill in very well. He looks gun shy and scared after his 1st start. The Jets looked way better and that is a bad sign as the Jets have much less talent. It is gonna be a long season for both. 

EAGLES 5 Giants…..Eagles win but do not cover 27-24

  • Loss sends Giants to a terrible 0-4
  • Giants gave Philly a 21 point lead to then take a 24-21 lead in the 4th
  • After the monster comeback..the Giants gave up 2 FGs in the 4th to let Philly tie and then win game with a 61 yd game winning FG
  • E Manning had another 2 INTs
  • Giants still can’t run the ball…top 2 backs combined for 16 carries for 44 yds
  • Rushing stats : NYG 49 yds / Philly 193 yds
  • Passing stats : NYG 366 yds / Philly 161 yds
  • Again another messy game in the NFL – 19 flags (10 NYG…9 Philly)

In My Opinion : The Giants are embarrassing this season. They had to throw their way back into the game and it worked this week. It is not going to work every week. Philly is a better team. The better team won the game, but it was a bit too close to cover for Philly.

TITANS 2 Seahawks…..Titans surprise with win and cover 33-27

  • Game was fairly even till the 3rd the 3rd Tennessee had 3 big plays of 55 yds, 24 yds and 75 yds
  • R Wilson had a monster as Seattle was forced to play catch up 29-49 373 yds 4 TDs
  • M Mariota had 2 TDs passing
  • D Murray had a great game with 115 yds on only 14 carries…he added a TD as well
  • Tennessee outran Seattle 195-69
  • 853 yds of combined offense in this game
  • Seattle 11 penalties
  • Seattle had three fumbles (lost zero)

In My Opinion : Seattle doesn’t seem as strong as they have in the past. They got outplayed for sure here. Tennessee looks a lot better this year. They should be a tough opponent for many. Seattle just doesn’t look like it scares anyone anymore. We shall see how it plays out.

PACKERS 7 Bengals…..Pack can’t cover but do get win 27-24

  • Cincy up 21-7 at half
  • One of Cincy’s TDs was a pick 6 in the 2nd quarter to build the 21-7 lead
  • A Rodgers had a typical stud game…28-42 for 313 yds and 3 TDs
  • A Dalton had 2 TDs and 0 INTs
  • Very even game on the field…someone had to win. GB kicked game winning FG halfway through OT

In My Opinion : Cincy just isn’t impressive. Green Bay isn’t exactly impressive either. But any team that can come back like Green Bay did deserves something nice said about them.

Chiefs 3 CHARGERS…..Chiefs continue to roll 24-10

  • Rookie K Hunt had another huge play with a 69 yd run for a TD
  • K Hunt had an amazing 17-172 yds and a whopping 10.1 yds per carry
  • P Rivers had 3 INTS and 0 TDs in the game
  • A Smith threw another two TDs…when last season it was extremely hard to throw for TDs
  • The Chargers had more total yards and more sacks…didn’t matter
  • Yet another very sloppy game…21 penalties ( 13 for KC & 8 for SD)

In My Opinion : The Chiefs are the best team in football. They have a tough defense and an incredible young RB that will push for MVP and Rookie of the Year. They just make soooo many big plays! This could very well be their year. The Chargers, God bless ’em have dropped to 0-4 and pretty much done.

Raiders 3 REDSKINS…..Skins kick the Raiders ass up and down 27-10

  • A completely lopsided awful game and a no-show by the Raiders
  • Raiders down 14-0 at half
  • D Carr a miserable 118 yds and 2 INTs
  • M Lynch a garbage 18 yds
  • A Cooper 1 catch for 6 yds…M Crabtree 1 catch for 7 yds
  • K Cousins had an absolute monster game with just 5 incompletions…25-30 for 365 yds and 3 TDs
  • Cousins hit 3 different WRs for TDs
  • 18 first downs to 7 in favor of Washington
  • Raiders were 0-11 on 3rd down
  • Total yards : 472 Redskins…128 Raiders
  • 4 sacks for the Redskins
  • 10 penalties for Washington and 2 fumbles lost…didn’t seem to matter

In My Opinion : There were rumors that the Raiders offensive line allowed D Carr to get killed because he didn’t take a knee with the team before the game. Scary to think that might even be true. All that aside, this was a bad game for Oakland and really was ahead scratcher. Keep your eye on both teams to see if this game is going to tell the future of these two teams this season. Great for Washington, terrible for Oakland.

Cowboys 3 CARDINALS…..Cowboys slap the Cards 28-17

  • Game was pretty close…Dallas ended game in the 4th quarter
  • D Prescott had 2 TDs and 0 INTs
  • E Elliott showed up again with a modest 22 carries and 80 yds…he did score a TD
  • C Palmer had a monster 325 yds and 2 TDS 0 INTs
  • Old man L Fitzgerald had a sick 13 catches for 149 YDs and a TD
  • Somehow Dallas won even though Arizona had 22-15 1st downs..and Dallas was 2-9 on 3rd & Ariz was 8-18
  • One thing that helped Dallas was 6 sacks

In My Opinion : I told everybody this was the lock of the week. Dallas absolutely HAD TO WIN THIS GAME. After last week, the entire season would have collapsed if they lost this game. Denver is somewhat understandable, but Arizona after would not have been so. So Dallas did what they needed to do, but I am not impressed or excited. Arizona is just another team. They may win their division, they may not. It doesn’t matter, they won’t go anywhere far and don’t exactly scare anyone.