This is Josh aka “@TheBasedJew” Weiss and although a bit late, I will be recapping all of the NFL action week to week. Hurricane Irma affected week one. So we start at week two. Let’s Recap!!

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BENGALS 5 1/2 Texans…..Texans win outright as dogs 13-9

  • D. Watson had a huge 50yd td run to end half…basically only big play in game
  • Dalton dink n dunk
  • Cincinnati splitting between three RBs none of which or putting up any numbers
  • Bengals no touchdowns in two games

In My Opinion : Both teams looked mediocre. Andy Dalton basically resolved to dink and dunk passing. Bengals have 0 touchdowns in 2 games this season. I don’t understand exactly why the Bengals are splitting carries between three RBs, (J. Hill, G. Bernard and J. Mixon) but it isn’t working! The game was won off the only big play which was a D. Watson 50 yd TD run to end the half. Cincy is on its way to the shit house. Jump off this bandwagon officially. No offense and now Dalton is sliding. The confidence is gone for him and M. Lewis. Can’t get a solid running game with any continuity. Sinking ship alert!!

RAVENS 7 1/2 Browns…..Ravens win and cover 24-10

  • First half all defense by both teams
  • Both teams threw pics by 2nd quarter
  • 14-0 in mid 2nd  quarter for Baltimore. Were beginning to crank it up
  • 2nd quarter Browns QB Kizer leaves with migraine
  • Kevin Hogan enters looks way better in short time. Actually throws a nice TD
  • Baltimore adds TD right at half after bad INT thrown by Browns
  • Cleveland had 7 penalties at half…11 total
  • Cleveland had 5 turnovers (4 INT and 1 lost fumble)
  • Kizer goes back in throws VERY COSTLY INT in end zone late in game
  • Kizer then throws another late INT on a bad scramble and chuck
  • Ravens have forced 10 turn overs so far this season

In My Opinion : The Ravens are gonna be someone to contend with. And Flacco isn’t even really airing it out yet as he has been hurt in preseason. The defense has played as good as any in the NFL. Turnover monsters so far!! Cleveland showed spirit in week one against Pitt. That quickly disappeared this week. Why did they put Kizer back in??? He had a migraine and Hogan looked good. Get ready for a brewing QB controversy. Cleveland better get the turnovers under control. NO team EVER EVER wins with 5 turnovers….PERIOD.

PANTHERS 6 Bills…..Game ends in a PUSH with Panthers winning 9-3

  • Bills had no offense at all yet still in the game….Even had a shot to win in the end
  • Carolina defense very tough. As good as any in football
  • 8-1 Panthers  to Bills 1st downs in first half
  • 121-37 yds in favor of Panthers at half
  • Greg Olsen badly hurt in game
  • Buffalo had a major goal line stance to stay in game, but at the end didn’t matter
  • Buffalo final drive fizzles
  • Panthers D has been lethal lethal thru 2 games
  • Bills D has played very well as well.

In My Opinion : Carolina will miss Greg for sure. He’s as good as any TE in football. This will hurt bad. They hardly have a lot of options. Buffalo is hard to figure. They beat the Jets handily, but struggled with the much better defense of Carolina. Carolina dominated Buffalo but still couldn’t score. I see this to be an issue. While the D is best in yds and points given up, the offense needs to catch up.

Cardinals 7 COLTS…..Cards win in overtime 16-13 but do not cover

  • Fairly even game that went back and forth
  • Colts dominated Time of Possesion
  • Arizona had 5 penalties in 1st half
  • Arizona was down much of the game playing from behind
  • Arizona had way more passing yards and truly under performed
  • Colts had 3 fumbles in the game but did not turn it over
  • Arizona QB C. Palmer had a bad day and was missing targets

In My Opinion : The fact that Arizona had to play catch up to a Colts team that got smeared 46-9 in the opening week is scary. Granted they have some injuries, but still no good. Arizona has to get the offense in check. RB D Johnson getting hurt is a killer, but they must move forward. Palmer missed many targets with his WRs. Maybe they will clean that up. Jaron and Josh Brown hurt. Doesn’t get easier. Jacoby Brissett did not look bad. He did not look that good, but not bad. They should have and could have won this game. They didn’t. 0-2 here we are.

Titans 1 JAGS…..Titans win and cover 37-16

  • Both QBs had terrible 1st half
  • Both threw picks in 1st half
  • Only FGs scored in 1st half
  • Both teams had high penalties in 1st half
  • Tennessee came out in 2nd half ready to play and ran all over Jax
  • Bortles threw 2 INT
  • Tennessee had a whopping 31 2nd half pts
  • 10 penalties in the game for Jax…Tenn had 7
  • Jax had 2 fum…1 lost
  • D Murray cam out for Tenn with a bad hammy

In My Opinion : Tennessee had trouble with Oakland, they certainly did not with Jacksonville. They mauled Jax in the 2nd half by running all over them. Derrick Henry came in for D Murray who came out after he had tweaked an injury. They now have a two headed RB monster. Tennessee wants to run all over everybody all season. Jacksonville is in trouble with Bortles. He just throws too many INTs.

CHIEFS 4 Eagles…..Chiefs win and cover 27-20

  • Very even game…more defensive than offensive in the 1st half
  • All FG action to start
  • Big plays for both teams start in 2nd half
  • KC is electric with big play type of players…Kareem Hunt awesome
  • KC just made more big plays
  • Stats very even in this game
  • Eagles 3 fum..1 lost

In My Opinion : This game was pretty even. It started kinda slow with just FGs. The BIG PLAYS came in the second half. KC is on fire! They are exciting and efficient. Kareem Hunt is the AFC player of the month so far. They are just looking great. And they did it against two very good teams (Pats and Eagles). They are in a tough AFC West (Raiders and Broncos) but should be a playoff team for sure. I am very high on KC.

Patriots 6 SAINTS…..Patriots destroy and cover 36-20

  • Brady had 300 yds and 3 TDs half
  • Straight mauling
  • Gronk hurt in 3rd
  • Only score in 3rd…a late ne fg at 3min

In My Opinion : This was a lopsided revenge game. After the Pats lost on opening Thursday to KC, they were not messing around. Brady was not going to be denied. They went in to New Orleans and threw all over them. Brady had 300 yds and 3 TDs in the first half. Mike Gillislee has been impressive as well, scoring often this year. Saints were never in this game. Sad, cuz there is no talent on the Saints. A Peterson is worthless there. Why he signed, I have no idea. He gets no real carries and when he doe, he has done very little. He has also hurt M Ingram and he can’t get into a flow either.

STEELERS 8 1/2 Vikings…..Steelers stymie and cover 26-9

  • 3rd string C Keenum is garbage
  • Vikes just can’t move ball
  • Pitt not toooo impressive basically…Vikes D doing all it could in 1st half
  • Steelers had double the yards of Vikes at half
  • Dalvin Cook had big run to lead to TD to stay in game
  • Vikes no offense in 2nd half
  • Vikes had 11 penalties and Pitt had 10

In My Opinion : Steelers looked good. Very balanced. Even though L Bell was corralled for the most part, they stuck with him and gave him a ton of carries. Ben did what Ben does. Vikes have no shot with C Keenum in at quarterback. Pray all day and night for S Bradford to get healthy.

BUCS 7 Bears…..Bucs annihilate the Bears and cover easily 29-7

  • Bucs defense on total fire…2 INTs at half
  • Int for TD by Tampa
  • Yards and Time of Possession basically the same for each
  • 5 penalties for the Bears in 1st half…8 total
  • Bears had 2 fumbles…both lost
  • Tampa Defense is not funny…take seriously
  • Bears 4 turn overs in open half

In My Opinion : Tampa Bay looked great! Defense was a monster. Forced four Bears turnovers in 1st half. Bucs will be a force this year and a surprise thorn in many sides. How far they go in the playoffs will be interesting. Being in the same division in Atlanta doesn’t help, but you gotta beat the best to be the best. And when D Martin comes back they will only be better.

RAIDERS 13 1/2 Jets…..Raiders easily handle and cover 45-20

  • D Carr on fire to start…2 TDs early to M Crabtree
  • Raiders had 21 pts at halftime
  • Jets 2 fumbles both lost….sacked 4x
  • Raiders destroyed the Jets who were never in it
  • Raiders ran all over and gave up no sacks
  • Jets gave up two big TD runs….43 yd and 52 yds

In My Opinion : Raiders destroyed the Jets. They threw on them, they ran on them. Tons of yards and points. Jets have no talent. Will be terrible. Raiders are Super Bowl bound. This should be an exciting year. If the Raiders run as well as they have so far, which they didn’t do as well last year, they are gonna be super scary. M Crabtree had 3 TDs and is looking better than Amari Cooper. D Carr is right where he left off. 

CHARGERS 3 1/2 Dolphins…..Dolphins backdoor win outright on road 19-17

  • Even 1st quarter…game istself was very even
  • SD for second week in row can’t run
  • Cutler had to dink and dunk all day
  • Same action even into 3rd quarter
  • SD much more passing yards
  • Very even game…Cutler looked good for first game with new team
  • Chargers lost both games this season at last seconds involving FGs
  • SD kicker missed two FGs in game. One was to win the game

In My Opinion : Very even game. Somebody had to win. Sadly for San Diego, they have lost back to back games over FG issues. They probably should have and could have won this game as they lead the entire game. They missed the game winning FG as well as one other in the game. J Cutler looked good for his first game. He did dink and dunk, but also made some plays. J Ajayi is as solid as any and will carry 25x if they let him. The fins will be a thorn if Cutler doesn’t throw a lot of INTs. Rivers had another great game…sadly, it just is not enough. M Gordon has been kinda absent in the running game. They need this guy to step up. 

Cowboys 2 1/2 BRONCOS…..Broncos absolutely destroy Dallas at home win outright 42-17

  • Den on first possession drive for an impressive TD
  • Totally one sided offensively for Denver
  • Delayed in 1st quarter over lightning
  • Lopsided stats for Denver in first half
  • Trevor Siemian monster half
  • Complete annihilation by Denver
  • Denver running all over Dallas
  • Pick 6 INT for Denver to end game…over 100+ yds on return
  • Denver had top draft pick O lineman go down
  • Cowboys have lost to Denver 6x in a row
  • Dallas CBs very depleted
  • Now controversy surrounding E. Elliot for not playing hard

In My Opinion : Denver had a monster half! This game was over was over at halftime. What a difference of two games with Dallas. They dominate NYG and then look so terrible in Denver. Now there is an issue with E Elliott looking like a quitter. CJ Anderson is clearly a beast, and if T Siemian plays well this season, then Denver will have a legit Super Bowl opportunity. It seems like it’s a wait and see situation with Dallas for now.

RAMS 3 Redskins…..Rams win and cover 27-20

  • Redskins held ball for the entire first quarter
  • Rams very slow start
  • No stats for either team
  • Bad half of football to watch
  • Skins dominated time of possession
  • Wash running all over…big rushing stats
  • Both teams had 3 fumbles….Rams lost one
  • Rams played much better 2nd half. Both Goff and Gurley stepped up

In My Opinion : This game was ALL Washington to start. They ran all over the Rams. The Rams showed heart by getting back in the game and had a legit shot at winning it. They had a much better 2nd half led by Goff and Gurley. The Rams destroyed the Colts in week one and gave a great effort in Week 2. Keep an eye on the Rams. They may be a thorn in the side of some teams.

SEAHAWKS 13 1/2 49ers…..Seahawks win but do not cover 12-9

  • First quarter all Seattle..just FG though
  • Two deep drives for Seattle and only come away with FG
  • Seattle getting run on but can’t run
  • C Hyde ran very well for 49ers
  • Seattle two fumbles but did not turn them over
  • Seattle huge difference in Time of Possession
  • Seattle has no real talent…just have no big play capability
  • SF only 2-12 on third downs
  • Eddie lacy healthy scratch…he is a bust

In My Opinion : I gotta say I am so down on the Seahawks. No talent outside of R Wilson, and I am not high on him either. They can’t run the ball. They have no quality WRs. They drove the ball fairly well vs. a bad team and still could not put it in the end zone. SF had a shot at winning this game, and like bad teams do, they found a way to lose. I think Seattle’s glory days are over. This is not going to be a good season for them. This SF game should be a strong indicator of that.

FALCONS 3 Packers……..Falcons win and cover big 34-23

  • Was 31-7 Atlanta at one point
  • Green bay line is terrible and hurt
  • Atlanta ran all over them
  • GB had 10 penalties
  • GB had two turnovers…INT & fumble
  • Atlanta opened game with a 9 play – 86 yd drive for a TD
  • Both starting tackles for GB out…Pack ravaged by injuries
  • Jordy Nelson  & Randall Cobb hurt…day to day
  • Vic Beasley hurt for Atlanta

In My Opinion : Atlanta got right real fast! After a sketchy week one vs. Chicago they basically kicked Green Bay’s ass. Up 31-7, they could basically cruise to victory. Atlanta runs well, throws well, has a good defense (although V Beasley got hurt). They are extremely efficient and make very few mistakes or turnovers. Green Bay on the other hand is just mired in injuries. A bad offensive line got worse through injury. J Nelson got hurt as well as R Cobb. One postive note is that they do actually have a running game now that fat ass, lazy E Lacy is gone. T Montgomerey has been a nice surprise and should continue to be an upgrade.

GIANTS 3 Lions……Lions win outright 24-10

  • Eli INT in second quarter
  • Giants sacked 3x by second quarter
  • Lions punt return TD early in 4th to put the dagger
  • Detroit has been very efficient on 3rd down
  • Giants have no talent and no running game
  • Odell Beckham only has 4 rec for 36 yds
  • Lions got 5 sacks in the game
  • Prater kicked a 56 yd FG in the game
  • After NYG unsportsmanlike gave Lions the ball at Giant 45 after return…scored 2nd TD
  • Giants had a 1st goal at the one yard line in the 2nd half..settled for FG after getting a holding on 1st down run..moved them back to 11 yard line
  • Giants Offensive line in bad shape

In My Opinion : The Lions are a different team. M Stafford got his money and he is not laying back and just counting bank statements. This Lions team throws less and is a way more oiled machine. Stafford is off to a great start. They run pretty well and just haven’t made many mistakes. The Lions are going to surprise people this year. I think they jump Green Bay in that division. The question is, do they jump Minnesota? The Giants are garbage. Poor Eli. He has nothing other than a hurt O Beckham. I wouldn’t be surprised if Beckham has an off year. He’s now a premadonna superstar who has and will have outside the NFL success. I think that makes for a player that doesn’t care as much. The Giants have no running game at all. They are weak all over. There is just nothing to be excited about. They got sacked 5x in this game and made several stupid mistakes. I think it’s gonna be a long year.