Does Warren Sapp have to choke a b!@&h?  Apperently the answer to that question is yes, yes he does.  The former University of Miami and National Football League great was arrested over Superbowl weekend for allegedly choking and throwing down a woman whom he had been seeing for the past couple of years.  The victim is claiming that they we’re out partying when she got “tired” and went to lay down in Sapp’s hotel room at the Shore Club.  A couple hours later Sapp rerturned and tried to get her out of the room by choking her and throwing her over the couch a number of times.  She claims he was upset about her having other men’s numbers saved in her cell phone.  Sapp, who currently works for the NFL Network is suspended indefinitely right now and missed working the Superbowl as a result.  He claims that he asked her to leave the room because he had some company coming over and that she tripped over the couch resulting in some brusing on her neck and leg.   For one night of partying until 5:00 am the night before the Superbowl his career could be down the tubes.  He was released on $1,500 bail.   Sapp’s ex-Dancing With the Stars partner Kym Johnson has no comment on the situation.