Warning: Webs.com is Absolutely Horrible!!!

A Webs.com Website and Business Review


This is what you can expect if you sign up with Webs.com

Dear honest people of the world, if you are thinking about getting a website built on Webs.com for the love of God do not do it! This company (if you can even call it that) is the biggest fraud on the internet today. They intentionally rip off their clients, signing them into plans they know will not get leads for their businesses. They put up terrible looking cookie cutter websites. That have zero search engine power. Then they lock you into ridiculous residual payment plans, and make every attempt to block you from leaving them in any normal or timely fashion.

Now obviously I’m a high-end web developer, I have built thousands of websites over my career. I even built the amazing website you are on right now, by myself, and that was no small internet task let me tell you, it has over 20,000 live articles on it. So you can trust that my advice comes from over 50,000 hours in the web development industry and my work literally speaks for itself. I currently maintain some of the best clients in my area, which is South Florida, one of the biggest local economies in the country. Below you will find my personal review of and experience with webs.com

Now first off I have to say that I’m a web developer, so I know that custom-built websites are best. I also know that the best content management system or CMS for custom websites is WordPress that’s why WordPress makes up over 33% of the websites currently live on the web today. WordPress also gives you access to their plugin market. Which just like the app market on your cell phone, gives you endless software options to download and use on your website. This makes WordPress very broad in its scope and ability to function online at a high level. Which is great for developers like me.

Webs.com however is a residual credit card payment scam, a house of internet cards if you will. Basically internet snake oil salesmen. They offer cookie cutter junk websites. With no SEO. No real chance of ranking in the search engines, and thus no chance of providing real leads for their clients. The only thing there websites are good for is giving you a web address to put on your business cards. Because unless people know the direct web address or URL of your website, they will have no chance of finding you online if you use Webs.com.

Webs.com has realized over the past few years that the cat is out of the bag when it come to their low-budget and low performance websites. Most people know that their websites are horrible, and that their basic business model is a fraud that turns web development into an over simplified process that any lay person can do. When truth be told, making websites that work well, function well, SEO well, and get leads is very hard and technical work done by very experienced people who make a lot of money. Basically people like me,  you can see my qualifications here Patrick Zarrelli.

Since this is common knowledge currently Webs.com has focused a lot of their energy on registering domains for their clients now. Which is literally the dead last thing you should do on the modern web. Your domain is the end all, be all, of your web presence. It’s like owning the land your house is built on. You definitely want the person who is handling your domain to be very credible and reliable for this reason. Webs.com is the absolute opposite of credible and reliable with their domain name registration services. They have zero regard for their clients happiness, their client’s businesses, or general online ethics in regards to domain registration and management.

What Webs.com will do is, sign you into a plan with them that is over priced, does not work, and is basically a residual online rip off. Then when you realize their site is garbage and you build a different one. Their system will go around and change your DNS records to point away from your new website to your old webs.com website that you do not want anymore. In some cases if your site is down they will point your website URL to a landing page or a completely down or malfunctioning website!!! That’s right. They will periodically point your live functioning business website to a down page without your permission in order to keep you using their services.

At Webs.com they say anyone signed up with them has to point their domain to them and if they do not their system automatically resets it. They don’t care what your business prefers, how much sales you lose, or how long you are down for. Their system will not let you leave Webs.com quickly or easily. It’s literally built to trap you in for as long as humanly possible. This problem is compounded by the fact they have atrocious customer service. The wait times are astronomical. How astronomical? Well I wrote this whole damn article while on hold with them for a client!!! Think about that and how that will affect your business when you need to access your website or domain name. I posted a picture of the phone above, so you can see what you’re in for when you sign up with Webs.com’s.

Finally… We have someone helping us cancel the account at webs.com. We told the man on the phone what happened to our client. He basically confessed Webs.com is a scam when we pressed him on why they would move a clients DNS records from a live online store, to a down page without contacting the client. He responded with the whole, hey this job just pays my bills, I don’t know what to say, kinda thing. Then he informed us that we have to go back on hold and wait for a cancellation specialist. By this time our clients online store has been down for over two hours and we have been on hold for over 55 minutes. Shortly after the 55 minute mark they got on the phone and instantly transferred us to the customer review automated system. After the automated system asked us for a review, we were hung up on.

We spent almost an hour on hold with Webs.com and our client and were ultimately refused to let cancel. Our clients domain is still in their possession. The online store is still down. The advertising is down because we have no store to run ads too, so we were forced to turn them off until we fix the Webs.com problem. Meanwhile Webs.com is playing shell games not letting us cancel, transferring us around, and causing us not only a tremendous amount of time wasted. But a lot of undue stress to my client and financial losses to their company. Which to be honest are semi-significant since the products in her store cost thousands of dollars. She sells top shelf salon furniture. So missing one sale could easily be multiple thousands of dollars in lost profits for her business.

Long story short, we will fix this for our client. But save yourself this misery. You deserve better than this. Do not walk, run away from Webs.com! Run as fast as your little typing and mousing fingers will let you. Get yourself outta here and hire a good WordPress developer!!! A Webs.com website is the most unethical merit-less piece of internet garbage you could possible waste your hard-earned money on. Don’t let yourself make the same mistake our client did. Get yourself an awesome custom-made WordPress website today!!!