The whole fucking country got to hear about white Dylan Roof who was convicted in December 2016 of perpetrating the Charleston church shooting on June 17, 2015, during a prayer service at Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church. Roof killed nine people, all African Americans, and injured one other person. After several people identified Roof as the main suspect, he later confessed that he committed the shooting in hopes of igniting a race war. We were bombarded with how racist he was, and how racist white people are and how terrible it all was. The mainstream media talked about it for a week. They tried to dissect every aspect. They made black folks feel like they were walking targets. And as bad as that incident was, they decided to play politics with it. More identity politics fodder. This story was smeared everywhere and only helped feed the narrative that white people are targeting black people for death.

Fast forward to this past weekend, and I’ll put a million dollars on the fact that you didn’t hear one thing about Emanuel Samson. Who is that you ask? He is the 25 year old black, Muslim, from Sudan who went into an Antioch, Tennessee church and opened fire (much like Roof). Samson killed one and injured 6-8 others depending on which liar / MSM outlet you believe. The woman that was killed was Melanie Crow Smith of Smyrna, Tennessee.

No motive has been has been released yet. I can guess the motive and let you know if you are too stupid to connect the dots and figure it out on your own. (THEY WERE WHITE IN THAT CHURCH!!)

After the shooting, the moron actually shot himself in the madness. He is being hospitalized as this is being written. Just another terrible tragedy. The side tragedy to it all is that, there is a narrative that one side (white) is really bad when this happens. And the other side is not taken to task (black) when it happens on their side.