Do you remember Brittney Jones, Ashton Kutcher’s mistress? Well, neither did I. But she is in the news again.

Well, Brittney made news back in October when she came forward to the tabloid rags stating many interesting tidbits. She met Ashton in a bowling alley. He wound up banging her shortly thereafter on a couch in his home. Demi was not present. But, as Brittney puts it, Demi and Ashton share partners on the reg. They have lots of three-ways. But Ashton knows…no Demi, no girls! And that was the big issue in the case with Brittney. Demi was not there. Brittney also commented on how great a lover Kutch was, even saying the word “tender”.

Moving forward, Brittney has shopped a sex-tape with an ex-boyfriend to celebrity sex-tape masters Vivid Entertainment. Vivid, seeing dollar signs, decided to add Ashton’s name to a tagline on the cover of the video to remind everyone exactly why Brittney Jones is a celebrity for the 98% who had no f’n clue. They also have a press release on their website saying, “Ashton’s fans will undoubtedly enjoy seeing what the star himself may have experienced, in this exclusive video”.

Needless to say, Ashton has already had lawyers threaten Vivid over the situation. Vivid figured this would happen, and they’re not gonna budge. They did their research, and they seem to think they are free and clear legally. The sex-tape moves forward.

Personally, this is a real stretch. Vivid should be embarrassed. It is one thing to release a celebrity sex tape. Because there is an actual CELEBRITY appearing in it. But this is so lame. This is a nobody who claims to have been with a celebrity. It has nothing to do with him. Besides the fact that he is not in the tape. Sorry, Vivid….FAIL!