Carrie PrejeanAdult entertainment giant Vivid Entertainment has reportedly obtained a copy of the Carrie Prejean sex tape. Vivid has stated that they obtained the tape legally and that they will attempt to release it worldwide. Vivid executives went on to say that the third party who provided them with the tape has confirmed the former Miss California was over 18 years old when the video was made. As for their plans, Vivid  says that they are actively trying to release the video, but would like Prejean to sign off on it before they do. The sex tape first surfaced a few weeks ago during settlement negotiations for Prejean’s lawsuit against Miss America pageant officials. In the lawsuit, Prejean was seeking $1 million on ground of religous discrimination, among other allegations. But during the settlement meeting, the tape was reportedly played in front of a roomful of people – including Prejean’s mother. After reportedly viewing the tape, Prejean dropped her million-dollar demand. As for the contents of the tape, it has been widely reported that Prejean appears on the tape in what is described as a “solo” performance that is reportedly extremely graphic.