The video that is cooler than you is by Dan Croll. The song is called “From Somewhere”. Croll is a British singer and songwriter as well as a multi-instrumentalist (piano, trumpet, guitar, bass, drums, and organ). He combines folk elements and Paul Simon-like melodies with electronic beats, African polyrhythms, and guitar hooks, giving his work a lot of varying sounds and dimensions. Simply incredible!


He was born in 1990 in Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire, England, and moved to Liverpool when he was 18. Croll was once described as if “Paul Simon (was) jamming with Prince. Very nice.” The song “From Somewhere”, which was Croll’s debut single, in Baarsden remix, was featured on the soundtrack of Grand Theft Auto V.


It took one time to hear this song and fall in love with it. Once I saw the video I liked it even more. (Spoiler alert: The staring into your eyes is occurring because he is in a staring contest.) So simple and sweet. Croll has a touching voice that invoked emotion out of me when I listened to it. It is a nice love song that has a poppy sound that everyone can enjoy. The song is from 2014, so I am clearly behind on it, which was my loss. I could have been listening to it for years. My loss, I guess. I will make up for it, don’t worry.



Croll continues to do well and is making great music. He is not a household name, but that is OK, he doesn’t need to be. Some things are better left as little secrets. This way only those that truly appreciate get to enjoy. I keep playing the song over and over prolly pissing everyone off near me that can hear it. Oh well, IDGAF! His new album “Emerging Adulthood” is out now and available on his website, iTunes and Spotify.