The people in Venezuela have had enough and have been fighting against the government and their corrupt dictator President Nicolas Maduro and those who support him. government protesters want Maduro to step down and have accused him of eroding democracy. Maduro for his part has sent the Venezuela armed forces to maintain order.

While Venezuela has one of the largest oil reserves in the world, it has been running out of cash, and people have struggled without food and medicine for years. The people of Venezuela are fighting because Maduro has turned their democratic country into a dictatorship, delaying local and state elections. According to CNN, “The last vote held in Venezuela, the parliamentary election of 2015, gave the opposition a majority. Critics say elections have been delayed because Maduro is afraid of the outcome.

On March 29th the Venezuelan Supreme Court dissolved the parliament, transferring all legislative power to itself. (CNN) To further add fuel to the problem the government notified main opposition leader Henrique Capriles that they were banning him from any political work for fifteen years. Capriles said the government was acting like a dictatorship.

The problem is so severe, there is such bad food shortage that people have been forced to eat out of the trash, and where there is food on the shelves many can not afford it. Medicines are in short supply, and hospitals are falling apart causing people to die from illnesses that can easily be remedied with medication. Venezuela has even asked the United Nations for help to relieve serious shortages of medicines.

According to CNN data, Venezuela has only about $10.5 billion in foreign reserves left. Government spending, a crashing currency, mismanagement of the infrastructure and corruption are all factors that have sparked high inflation in Venezuela. The other main key factor is the low price of oil.

At this time Trump has not said much publicly about the turmoil involving Venezuela.