Robert Van Winkle — perhaps best remembered as early ’90s rapper Vanilla Ice — has been tapped to star in a new ten-episode home-improvement series called The Vanilla Ice Project.    

“Over the last 15 years, Rob has taught himself the basics of home improvement through hands-on experience”, representatives for the DIY Network said in a statement Tuesday. “In each episode, Rob demonstrates his vast knowledge in home renovation…He calls the shots in this room-by-room home makeover series, exposing an entirely new side of the star — one that his fans never have seen before”.    

Van Winkle is certainly no stranger to the small screen. In addition to performing the 1990s hits “Ice, Ice, Baby” and “Ninja Rap,” the flopped rapper has also made appearances on VH1’s “The Surreal Life” and a revival of the classic game show “Hollywood Squares”.    

The Vanilla Ice Project will debut Oct. 14 on the DIY Network.    


____________________________________________________ Well now. We are all aware of  Mr. Van Winkle’s remodeling days back in the early ’90s with MTV’s Top 25 worst shows. Shortly after, thereby receiving his first gun charge in an attempted attack on a homeless man. Then, I guess he has some sort of breakdown and starts using cocaine, ecstasy and heroin from 94-97. He then tries to OD and kill himself, but instead of succeeding at ending his life, he then has a moment of clarity and gets a huge tattoo of a leaf on his stomach. A few years later, in 2001, he gets arrested for pulling out his wife’s hair and suffocating her. But, apparently he’s been good for the past ten years and has been practicing the art of carpentry. Oh wait. There’s this too: a battery charge yet again for pushing his wife. All of this drama led him to a career in carpentry??  

  How do we still like this guy? First of all his name is Robert Van Winkle. “Ice, Ice, Baby” was popular for about two years, and in my book was one of the more corny hip hop songs to ever come out of the ’90s besides the work of M.C. Hammer. The hit song was even rumored to not have been written by Ice, but California rapper Mario “Chocolate” Johnson, an associate of record producer Suge Knight.   Secondly, he dated Madonna, which means his penis has finally rotted away…How can a carpenter have no penis? You know how many people have slept with Madonna? I hear it’s in the low three hundreds, maybe 340s. He was in her book titled Sex for crying out loud. Never trust a carpenter with no penis..   And third, “Cool as Ice”, starring Vanilla Ice as a thrifty, muscle headed tool bag who rides a 600cc motorcycle around picking up chicks, grossed just $638,000 and was given an 8% film rating from Rotten Tomatoes. Van Winkle received a Golden Raspberry Award for Worst New Star. “To the extreme I rock a mic like a vandal. Light up a stage and wax a chump like a candle.  Ice ice baby…  Too cold… Too cold…..” 




Vanilla Ice video before he was big………..