Valentine’s Day is coming up so get ready to read multiple posts about either “how much someone loves their significant other” or “How depressed they are because they’re single.” I’ve been in a relationship and single on Valentines Day over the years and I prefer being single during that time. Why may you ask? Well, because there’s more perks of being single on Valentines day than in a relationship. My top 3 reasons why I’m glad i’m single on Valentines Day are…

1). YOU SAVE MONEY – No need to buy overpriced lingerie from Victoria Secret, wine, or chocolate for your non existent boothang.

2). You can ACTUALLY watch Netflix without getting disturbed. Finally you can rewatch movies in peace that you never finished.

3). You Don’t have to look good for anybody… Don’t want to take a shower? Don’t! Don’t want to do your hair and makeup? Don’t! Don’t want to take shave your legs? Don’t! You don’t have anyone to impress!

When Valentines Day finally has arrived I’m sure some of you will still be sad even though I’ve told you the perks of it.