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Porn actor Steve Driver, the suspect in the Ultima DVD slaying earlier this week, leapt to his death following a day-long standoff on a steep Chatsworth hillside. Driver, during the standoff, held a two-foot-long sword and was carefully being watched by a semi-circle of SWAT members. Later, SWAT decided to move in and lasso him, while using a stun gun.

Instead of being captured, police say, he leapt to his death. He leapt off a boulder, sword in hand, falling about 45 feet to the ground below. Driver yelled throughout the day atop the hill, “I want to die” and “It wasn’t supposed to happen this way.” The cliff is near a home at about the 8000 block of Azul Drive, near the Chatsworth Nature Preserve. Police may have been tipped on Driver’s whereabouts because the home was used frequently for porn shoots.

Leave it to FOX NEWS to somehow have video of this dude jumping off the cliff……he takes quite a tumble!!!