Chael Sonnen, the UFC’s hype man, will take on the champ Jon Jones tonight in the main event of UFC 159.

Jones is a ten-to-one favorite and claims to have figured Sonnen out, saying in multiple interviews that Sonnen hasn’t changed his style at all in any of his 40+ fights.

Sonnen, on the other hand, says he is going to bring the fight to the champ’s doorstep in the relentless fashion he has become known for, telling the press he will win the fight, ’cause he is going to make it an ugly fist fight in a phone booth.

Personally, my money is on Jones, but with Sonnen’s in-your-face fighting style you always have to give him a fighter’s chance. If you don’t recall, this is the guy who stuck it to Anderson Silva for four rounds before Silva finally submitted him in the final round to save the fight. So if Sonnen could do it to Silva, there is a good chance he could be trouble for Jones as well. [MMA Fighting]

Jon Jones