As I mentioned before, if you missed last night’s fights, you can mail your man-card to the South Florida Chronicle.  I will hold on to them until you have redeemed yourself by getting into a street fight or banged some chick in the bathroom at a bar (must have pictures to prove the incident took place). Thank you in advance.  


Almost one of the biggest upsets in UFC history! Chael dominated Silva all the way to the fourth round, but with just over a minute left in the last round Silva pulled a triangle making Sonnen tap for the victory. Both of them earned “Fight of the Night,” which gave them both $60K, but Silva also received “Submission of the Night”, that sent him home with a fight bonus totaling $120,000!  


Hughes put his opponent, Almeida, to sleep quickly right into the first round! Beautiful display of a wrestling master and earning him an extra $60k for “Submission of the Night!”  


Struve earned “Knock out of the Night”, sending him home with a $60,000 bonus.