The rapper Tyga has reached to the lowest financial point as now his car gets repossessed by the dealer on non-payment of his dues. According to TMZ, this incident occurred when the star and his girlfriend Kylie Jenner had stopped at a Bentley dealership in Calabasas to see some new cars. Luckily the pair had friends who were able to come and pick them up.

Last week, the rapper was forced to pay a landlord $186,000, just weeks after reaching a different settlement with another property owner. He was billed with six-figures from F&S Investment Property after renting out a Los Angeles home used to run his side business named Egypt Last Kings Clothing. According to the document filed in court, Tyga breached the lease by “failing to pay rent and other amounts due” when he abandoned the place without notice. The news came less than two weeks after the rapper and his legal camp were able to reach a settlement with another landlord in an eviction case.