Put me in the history books!

History was made, when for the first time since 1880 that TWO perfect games have been pitched in Major League Baseball. It is only the 20th time in all of baseball history that a perfect game has been pitched. More people have orbited the moon (if you believe that actually happened) than have pitched perfect games. A perfect game is when the pitcher not only throws a NO HITTER, but surrenders ZERO walks or errors. In other words, this means 27 batters, 27 outs!

Roy Halladay just pitched his perfect game against the Florida Marlins, Saturday, May 29, 2010. “It’s never something that you think is possible,” Halladay said. “Really, once I got the two outs, I felt like I had a chance. You’re always aware of it. It’s not something that you expect.”

The “other” perfect game was only 20 days ago, when Oakland A’s pitcher Dallas Braden no-hit the Tampa Bay Devil Rays (both teams that were no-hit were Florida teams). It was also his first major league complete game. Braden dedicated his Mother’s Day masterpiece to his grandmother Peggy Lindsey (who was in the stands) as she was his guiding light after his mother, Jodie Atwood, died in 2001 from cancer while he was a senior in high school.

“That’s the biggest thing, to give her something like this on a day of this magnitude considering everything we’ve been through together,” he said. “It’s more about her for me.”

Treez says: You really don’t have to be a sports fan to understand how amazing this feat is. A perfect game is arguably the most difficult thing to do in sports. It is a very rare gem. It’s great for a young pitcher like Dallas Braden to accomplish this, as we really have no idea where his career is gonna go. For Halladay, this is a nice cherry on a clear HALL of FAME career. Congrats to both!