Two new drinking establishments prepared to open their doors in the next two weeks.

The Barrel Saloon, which goes by a “rock and roll country bar,” is being finsihed at 942 Broadway (at Pleasant Street), a former bank building that was home to a nightclub called Club Matrix. The owners are Chris Pratt, a co-owner of Pearl Street Pub, and Alessio Depoli, a pharmacist making his first business venture into the hospitality business. We hope he knows the long hours and sacrifice he is going to make. But by the looks of the place, clean up will be a snap, just make sure they empty the spittoons, sweep the floor and blow out the candles on the chandelier..  They are leasing the property from the owner of Bombers Burritos and the nearby Wolff’s Biergarten, who purchased the building last year. They are hoping to Open by June 1st, 2011. We even heard rumors of a certain bull that runs on electricity.. But don’t quote us on that.

In another part of the city, an “Irish Pub” called Stout, projected to open on May 31st is having a soft opening next week, Wednesday thru Friday. They got the word out early to huge group of potential patrons by hanging a sign announcing itself in an upper window of 904 Broadway, across the street from Wolff’s Biergarten in north Albany. The sign went up in time for Wolff’s always successful Oktoberfest, which attracted an estimated 6,500 people to the block on that sunny fall day..

Stout is built in the front portion of the 18,000-square-foot building, which is home to Kimberly Scott Office Interiors, according to the furniture store’s owner, Todd Cuttler. Kimberly Scott will remain open; it is consolidating into the rear part of the building. They promise not to have any problems for the existing businesses and will have maximum security on hand at all times. They plan to have a lot of bands playing, and have built quite an impressive stage. Nightlife will for sure, be the highlight of their repertoire.

Both establishments promise amazing decor, atmosphere and entertainment. from the looks of the pictures below, I’d say they are well on the way to a successful grand opening.!  Congrats everyone and keep the spirits flowing.!

Facebook The Barrel Saloon or Graney’s Stout Irish Pub

Under construction.. Inside a look at Graney's stage set up...