Did Brittany Murphy's widower go out just like her?

Brittany Murphy’s widower, Simon Monjack, was found dead Sunday in his home. Sharon Murphy, the mother of the late actress was reportedly the one who found Monjack dead. The screenwriter died five months after Murphy was found dead from what authorities say was pneumonia and drug intoxication. Monjack and Sharon continued to live in the home after her daughter’s death.

“Brittany’s mom made the 911 call. He was unresponsive when [assistance] arrived and was pronounced dead at the house,” Los Angeles Assistant Chief Coroner Ed Winter told reporters. “It’s being reported [by the responding fire department] as a possible heart attack. We’re not sure if it is natural causes or a possible accident maybe because of the prescription medication found there.” It was reported that there were a number of pill bottles on the nightstand in the bedroom, and some were empty.”

There is, obviously, an eerie similarity here in relation to the death of Monjack’s wife, Brittany Murphy, just five months ago. In her death investigation, prescription drugs were found on the nightstand of the same bedroom where Monjack died. Many of the drugs on Simon’s nightstand were the same as the ones found after Brittany died.

Monjack has gone on record that he recently had suffered a heart attack during the incident last November when he had a medical emergency aboard an airplane. He was scheduled to have bypass surgery in September. Monjack has had a history with health issues. In January, Monjack’s mother, Linda Monjack, told People Magazine that her son was “unwell” and that he had suffered “a slight heart attack” a week before his wife’s death. CBS’ “The Early Show” also reported Monday that he recently had complained of seizures. Simon Monjack was 39 years old.

Paul Gray passes away in an Iowa hotel. Details still coming.

In addition to their fans the world over, Heavy Metal titans Slipknot are in mourning, as it has been discovered that the band’s bassist, Paul Grey, has passed away. A hotel employee discovered Gray in a room at the Town Plaza Hotel in Urbandale, Iowa. There seems to be no foul play, and an autopsy scheduled for tomorrow is set to clarify all questions.

Slipknot is a nine member, Grammy Award winning band from Des Moines, Iowa. The band is best known for its tracks, “Wait and Bleed”, “All Hope is Gone” and “Snuff”. Every member of the band wears a mask concealing their identity. Grey was known by fans as “#2” or “The Pig”. He is survived by his wife Brenna. Sadly, they were expecting their first child at the time of his death. His autopsy is scheduled for Tuesday, May 25, as cause of death is unknown. The band has not yet made an official statement regarding Gray’s death.