The Best TrumpCare Vs. ObamaCare Memes

Donald Trump Russia

We should have known Donald Trump was Trussian when our bald eagle lost his shit on him during a campaign photo shoot. Talk about a presidential bad omen… God bless America and our apparently future telling bad ass psychic eagle!


Donald Trump and the republican congress are super excited to fuck 26 million Americans out of their health insurance. Why would people voted into to office to help their fellow Americans do a thing like that? Well mostly because they completely sold out to the health insurance lobby.

To me it’s ludicrous.

That we as a nation except our government, passing a plan that will insure less of us than before. If you are going to present a new healthcare plan for the country, logic would dictate it be better than our old plan. The goal of any nation’s healthcare plan should obviously be to provide healthcare for as many people as possible. So to be better, logically we must insure more people. For republicans to say insuring fewer people is better, is logically ridiculous and a very deadly falsehood.

I’ll tell you what, the republican’s obsession with the past and doing things the old way is getting pretty darn old right about now. Who wants to spend our lives going one step forward nationally, only to go two steps back in terms of progress, a few years later when a republican is elected again. The republicans are playing fast and loose with our healthcare and more broadly our national progress, all to appease their corporate donors. That’s unethical bullshit.

Putting voters before donors is the absolute least we should expect from these corrupt and unethical politicians.

ObamaCare Vs. TrumpCare Memes