Donald Trump is always complaining about fake news. To him anything that is said about him that does not agree with this agenda is fake news. Yesterday CBS’s John Dickerson was interviewing Trump about his 100 days in office.

When he started to ask Trump about his claim that Obama had wiretapped his phones during the presidential campaign Trump immediately started to get on the defense. Trump said that when he meet Obama he was nice to him but since then they have had a difficult relationship. Back in March, Trump tweeted that Obama had wiretapped his phones but there has been no evidence to sustain his claim. Trump till this day has not retracted his statement.

John Dickerson pressed the President to tell his side of the story regarding the wiretapping but Trump only kept saying, “You can figure that out yourself.” When Dickerson told Trump that he wanted to know “his opinion” so that it was not “fake news” Trump dismissed him and ended the interview.

Poor John Dickerson only wanted to hear Trump’s thoughts on his claim to Obama’s wiretap but as always he never has any evidence to support his claims and worse the way he talks to people is an embarrassment as the leader of our country!


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