Trump cards Obama.

From the beginning I always believed that Barack Obama was born in Hawaii in August 1961. The thought of Obama’s mother, 18 year old Stanley Ann Dunham somehow going from Honolulu to Kenya in 1961 while pregnant made no sense to me. The two Hawaii newspapers that announced the birth at that time also confirmed my belief. Obama has now released a copy of the original birth certificate and this ought to end the controversy. I believe that Donald Trump played the pivotal role in this by doing what he is great at, publicizing the issue.

Trump took credit for this significant achievement. At first I thought he should gracefully take his bows and begin to comment on what he would do about the deficit and other issues of the day like Medicare and foreign policy. Not Trump, he wants Obama to explain how he got into Columbia and then Harvard. At first I was opposed to this demand. I believed that Obama’s birth certificate ended the disclosure issues but the reaction of some commentators, who accused Trump and others of racism made me take a new look at this. On “The View,“ Whoopi Goldberg declared that she will now play the race card because she feels that new queries about Obama are racist.

There is justice to Trump’s demand because much was made of the idea that George W. Bush got into Yale because of his family background. John Kerry alluded to this during the 2004 campaign with his famous remark about Bush not studying hard and getting us into Iraq comment. John McCain was at the bottom of his high school class and it was suggested that he got into Annapolis because his father was an Admiral. Sarah Palin, well it is fair to say that everything about her was rightly scrutinized by a very curious press which seemed to have demonstrated a strange lack of curiosity about Obama‘s academic record and a lot of other things in his past.

On David Letterman’s show Bill Maher sarcastically said that there is just something about Obama that some people do not like. He meant that people who don’t like Obama do not like him because he is black. Bob Schieffer of CBS has accused Donald Trump of racism for questioning how Obama got into Harvard Law School.

So a fair question would be to ask how did Obama get into these elite institutions of higher learning? If he was a poor student did he get in due to affirmative action? If this is true than the country deserves to know about it. I think this is an opportunity to have a discussion about this issue. I agree with Attorney General Holder’s contention that people this country do not deal honestly with race. I think he is right. Now would be a good time to have this discussion.

Here is my contribution. I am against any racial, ethnic, or gender based preference of any type for any reason including past discrimination or economic disadvantage. Treating everyone equally should be the goal. Affirmative Action is just as racist as the discrimination that used to exist against black people. I guess to some that makes me a racist.