So for what it is worth. WR Randy Moss is taking his depleting talents, big mouth and fucking attitude to the Tennessee Titans. The Titans claimed Moss off the waiver wire just hours ago after he was cut by the Minnesota Vikings….after he was traded THIS SEASON for a 3rd round pick from the New England Patriots. This is like this guys sixth team!!

I used to love R.R., but now the whole routine has gotten old and stale.

AND YOU SUCK NOW, RANDY! It’s not the good old days!

Week in and week out look at the number of WR’s putting up better numbers than you. Roddy White KILLS YOU bruh!

Hakeem Nicks IS, what you used to be! Even T.O. is proven his worth…and homeboy goes over the middle! (You never do or will)

Tennessee is a good team. And you might be able to help them. But they are good with or without you. You certainly became valuable when Kenny Britt went down, so I get the appeal. (Nice timing) But this is Chris Johnson’s team. You are just but a small fish there. Your biggest issue, whether you give a shit or not, is that you make it obvious that you are a quitter and how you just tune out. Your really not a team guy at all. I have never heard one player ever come to your rescue with all the bullshit you get from the media as well as the bullshit YOU create in front of the media.

No matter how you slice and dice it. Your fan base, however big it was, has seriously dwindled. And that’s all on you, Randy! I do root for you to have your success, but I just don’t see that you have it anymore.