Too many minutes makes us tired for the after parties!

Well, Heat fans, we are ten games into the NBA season. And your Miami Heat, the greatest team ever assembled, is a whopping 6-4.  This is not good, and is not a good sign. You will hear lots of fans and apologists say that it is about long haul, or that it is a long season. Even better, that they are saving it for when it counts in the Playoffs.

And guess what. THAT IS ALL BULLSHIT!

The whole point and excitement of putting this team together was that the Heat would win every night! If not every night, practically every night. Maybe they drop a game to the Celts, Magic or Lakers here or there. That is not the case. It is not even close. They did smoosh the Magic, but are 0-2 against the Celts, so far.

Now, the complaining has officially begun. LeBron James is starting to look like a fuckin’ crybaby. After the Celtics loss on Thursday night he complained about playing time. Oh, and not about playing too little. About playing too much!

“For myself, 44 minutes is too much,” James said. “I think Coach Spo knows that. Forty minutes for D-Wade is too much. We have to have as much energy as we can to finish games out.” Basically hinting that fatigue has played a role in the Heat’s struggles late in the game.

You can’t be serious Bron Bron. You guys are 3-3 in your last six. The coach is playing his two best players, hoping to eek out wins. WTF is he supposed to do. You guys are in the prime of your careers. You should be playing every minute he says. Latrell Sprewell played almost 48 mins. a game on a team that totally sucked and he never complained. What a joke.

As expected , LeBron backtracked from his statements bringing up Randy Moss in his defense. “It got blew up out of proportion, saying that I told coach Spo that he’s playing me too much and he’s a bad coach.” “You kind of understand sometimes what Randy Moss was talking about when he said, ‘I will not be answering any more questions.’ Because every time I say something, it gets turned out of character.”

I looked up the NBA leaders in minutes per game to see how bad LeBron was being overworked. And holy shit, this guy is really insane. LeBron is ranked 17th in the league in minutes per game! He is playing less than superstars Kevin Durant, Rajon Rondo and Deron Williams. As a matter of fact, old fart Ray Allen is logging in more MPG and Paul Pierce is practically tied with LeBron in this category. As for D-Wade’s minutes. He better not say shit and let LeBron do all the complaining. Wade is 38th in the NBA in minutes. Blake Griffin, who came off of a season ending injury last year is playing more.

The season is not going to get easier. It gets harder, and this machine is already showing signs of buckling. You can completely throw away any thoughts of the greatest team in NBA history record wise. You can throw away that LeBron is even remotely better than Michael Jordan. What needs to be addressed is that this Miami Heat team is not a team. It is LeBron and four other guys (including D-Wade) standing around watching him go one-on-one to score.

To make things even more controversial, rumors are swirling that Chris Bosh could be on the trading block. Pat Riley seems to be upset with Bosh’s 14 points and 5 boards a game. His interior defense is super soft and always has been. Seeing as they don’t need Bosh for his scoring, (he is only scoring 4 more a game than James Jones) maybe they would be better off with a tough and scrappy young rebounder/defender like a Joakim Noah or Anderson Varejao.

The pressure is mounting. The hatred for this team is as strong as ever. It will only grow if the team continues to struggle. Something is going to have to change soon. I am not sure what they have to do, and it seems neither does Coach Spo, LeBron, or Riles.