A mix of cheers and boos were directed at a 17-year-old transgender boy after winning the Texas state girls’ wrestling title. CNN’s Polo Sandoval reports on the controversy.

Mack Beggs, was born a girl but is in the process of becoming a male. Beggs wanted to wrestle with the boys, but because of state law he was forced to wrestle with the girls.

This story comes to life since the Trump administration has just overturned a law saying that transgender people can use the bathroom that they identify with.

Why are we making it so hard for people that may be different than you or me? Think about how they feel. They were born a female and want to be a man or they were born a male and want to be a female. Imagine how they must feel inside. The stress, anxiety, depression that they live with on a daily basis. You show me one case where a transgender person exposed their self to someone in a bathroom. You cant because it just does not happen. So it’s time that we all move forward and let people be happy with who they are. Just because someone is different than you doesn’t mean they don’t have the same feelings.