To World Domination.

Anybody remember Floyd Landis?  Didn’t think so.  He was the Lance Armstrong wannabe that cheated his way to a Tour de France title back in 2006 after Armstrong gracefully exited the sport.  This scumbag thought he could win the people of America’s hearts by doping up and winning one of the most grueling events on all of the planet.  After being stripped of his title and being slapped with a two-year ban from competition, it looks like Landis has found a new career of sorts, international computer hacker.  That’s right.  If it wasn’t bad enough that he got caught cheating the first time it appears that the genius Landis tried to hack into the French lab’s computer system to change his positive testosterone results for his defense against them.  He literally tried to use the same exact hacked findings to try and get his 2006 title back.  Buddy, you ride a freaking bike.  You’re not some international man of mystery here.   Just because you might drink the occasional martini doesn’t make you James Bond.  Of course Landis was caught and an international arrest warrant was issued for Double-0-Landis.  France’s anti-doping chief Pierre Bordry goes on to say “Landis used the hacked files for his defense, that’s how we discovered the whole scheme.  He wanted to show that the lab made mistakes in the handling of the tests.”  Since Landis didn’t respond to his summons in November, the warrant was issued on January 28th.  As of this posting the whereabouts for Landis are still unknown.  Popular belief is that he is in his secret underground lair deep below the Earth’s crust planning phase two for global domination.  He is petting his white cat and laughing maniacally as we speak.  Floyd Landis will have his vengeance.