The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has updated its laws to make it clear that any form of workplace discrimination or harassment against pregnant women by employers is illegal.

EEOC chairwoman Jacqueline A. Berrien said in a statement, “Despite much progress, we continue to see a significant number of charges alleging pregnancy discrimination, and our investigations have revealed the persistence of overt pregnancy discrimination, as well as the emergence of more subtle discriminatory practices.”

The guidelines were last updated in 1983. The EEOC issued the new guidelines on Monday.

Thank god, it’s hard enough to carry a baby for nine months and know that you will have to birth it later on but you don’t need someone giving you hard time for procreating! It’s bad enough you won’t fit into your favorite jeans for the next six months or so…..well I don’t know personally…but I hear it’s pretty bad!